What Is the Largest Cruise Ship in the World?

There are many cruises out on the sea right now of varying sizes. But if you’re like me, you want to know what is the largest cruise ship in the world. You will be amazed at its dimensions, variety of amenities, list of services, number of cabins, and passengers it can accommodate. 

What is the largest cruise ship in the world? The largest cruise ship in the world is the Symphony of the Seas. It is 215.5 feet wide (65.68 meters), 1,184.42 feet long (361.011 meters), 238 feet high (72.5 meters), and weighs 228,081 tons. It has 2,200 crews and can accommodate 6,680 passengers in its 2,759 cabins.

Compared to other cruise ships, its specifications are impressive. Read on to know more about the Symphony of the Seas – the largest cruise ship in the world – as well as its features and specifications.

What Is the Largest Cruise Ship in the World?

The largest cruise ship in the world is the Symphony of the Seas. This majestic ship was laid down in 2015, in Nazaire, France, at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard. 

This large cruise ship costs a staggering $1.35 billion, which further reflects the elegant and luxurious staterooms and amenities it provides for travelers. Thousands of engineers, architects, science experts, and skilled workers spend time making sure that the ship is the best in the world.

In 2017, the Royal Caribbean Company launched the Symphony of the Seas, with its maiden voyage on April 7, 2018, from Barcelona, Spain, to the Mediterranean. It has started to ply the international Mediterranean routes on March 31, 2018, with its 7 “neighborhoods” and 18 decks.

The maximum speed of the Symphony of the Seas is 25 miles per hour (41 kilometers per hour) or 22 knots, which is quite fast for a humongous bulk of floating matter.

Also, it has the same length as the Empire State Building without the antennas. In 2018, it was officially recognized as the “Queen of the Sea.” 

Symphony of the Seas Amenities

amenities of largest cruise ship in the world

This phenomenal Royal Caribbean cruise ship provides amenities and services that have never existed in other cruise ships. Moreover, most of its amenities are already included in the cruise fare. Isn’t that amazing?

1. Bionic Bar

Have you ever seen robots mixing and serving drinks in a cruise ship bar? You may be amazed by robotic bartenders serving drinks to numerous clientele at the Symphony of the Seas’ Bionic Bar.

You can also create drinks by choosing your ingredients, and the robots would conveniently blend and prepare them for you. Talk about level-up sophisticated technology!

2. Ultimate Abyss and FlowRider

A virtual 3D tour would be perfect for your adventurous spirit. You could practice your surfing skills in surf simulators that are 40-foot long and imagine you’re on the surface of a gigantic, challenging wave somewhere in the Caribbean. 

The Ultimate Abyss offers a thrilling ride on its two lengthy, twirling slides that start 10 decks above the Boardwalk. The sheer height would propel you 9 miles per hour into the refreshing pool below. 

3. 22 High-End Restaurants

You can find various international dishes that can satiate any type of palate on this magnificent cruise ship. Dine and savor Italian, Chinese, French, and other international cuisines before or after exploring the ship’s amenities. A picky taste can surely find something delicious to eat among these 22 restaurants.

4. 26 Lounges and Bars

There are 26 of them, so you can select one that you’re most comfortable with. Having drinks late at night can help induce good sleep. A relaxing break over a few drinks can also forge stronger bonds among couples.

5. The Perfect Storm

If you love heights, adventure, and adrenaline-pumping, three-story high plunge at sea, you may want to consider The Perfect Storm waterslides. It may be a scary yet adaptive activity, as you learn how to coordinate your movements and senses while having fun.

6. Spa and Fitness Center

You can spend time in this incredible facility to strengthen your muscles and stay fit while onboard. Treat yourself to a foot and body spa to watch your skin glow and reacquire its firmness. You can definitely get your entire beauty and health regimen done while you’re at sea. 

7. Stores

There are a variety of stores that are perfect for a shopping spree. Shop all you want and take your time to check all the stores. There might be some unique mementos you could find for your friends and loved ones.

8. AquaTheater

If you’re an aquatic show enthusiast, you may want to witness shows in the AquaTheater. Daredevil casts perform a variety of spectacular dives and stunts in these shows, leaving you at the edge of your seat. With these water shows, you won’t have to worry about boring days at sea.

9. Laser Tag

If you’re in for a challenging glow-in-the-dark game, you may want to try the Battle for Planet Z. Laser tag guns are used in this game, which can be an exhilarating game when played with friends.

You can form a team and plan how you can work together to beat the other team. The set is huge, and you can truly feel that you’re in Planet Z, fighting with aliens using your laser tag vests and guns.

10. 24 Pools

There are 24 pools on the ship, so you could swim in a different pool every day for the duration of your cruise. Different swimming pools are available for adults and kids.

11. Central Park and Royal Promenade

This natural park is an open-air garden housing a diverse biota of more than 12,000 tropical plants and trees. It would be a memorable learning experience for you and your family as you discover these incredible greens onboard. Take a leisurely walk along the Royal Promenade while enjoying the fresh sea air. 

12. Children’s Water Park

Bring your children to this exciting water park and allow them to hone their swimming skills while interacting and having fun with other kids. This water park would be a perfect place for your kids to get rid of their boredom and gain new friends. 

13. Ice Skating Rink

Ice skating can be a refreshing activity during hot weather. It is also a great activity if you want to stay physically active at sea. Your children would surely enjoy the activity too. The safety equipment and skates are free, so you can go there any time you want–whether you’re a newbie ice skater or a professional having a bit of fun.

14. Basketball Court

A full basketball court can help you stretch those muscles. You can join in for a game or two and learn how to socialize with other cruise-goers.

15. Rock-Climbing Walls

Two 43-foot rock-climbing walls are great for people who are into extreme sports. You can also try it to test your mettle in scaling heights.

16. Zip Line

Never been on a zip line before? Now you can revel in the view, 9 decks above the equally superb Boardwalk. Its 82-foot length cable would allow you to relish the breathtaking panorama as you traverse the zip line.

17. 9 Jacuzzis 

Get a water massage in incredible Jacuzzis and feel your muscles relax. You may want to spend some leisurely minutes in these tubs to help revitalize your body while on vacation. 

18. 24 Guest Elevators

With 18 decks, you need an elevator to get to your point of destination as quickly as possible. These elevators are equipped with useful devices to ensure that your elevator trip is a pleasant one.

19. Hairspray Broadway Show

Hairspray is a Broadway hit show that is usually included in your fare when you purchase a Caribbean cruise. Double-check what’s included in your package when purchasing your ticket, as the perks and freebies included may vary from time to time.

20. Splashaway Bay

This aquatic adventure park allows young children to discover the joys of being in the water. There are water sprays, fountains, and kiddie slides that your children would definitely enjoy.

21. Mini-golf Course

For those who love to play golf, no worries, as you can play your favorite sport any time you want while vacationing at sea. The Symphony of the Seas has worked out activities that everyone can participate in.

22. Ultimate Family Suite

The Ultimate Family Suite is an interactive family suite exclusively offered by the Symphony of the Seas. It has a beautiful balcony with a wrap-around view of the ocean. You can enjoy its 3D movie theater or relax in its whirlpool Jacuzzi.

Every amenity at the Symphony of the Seas surely spells luxury and pleasure. However, there are still amenities and services that change over time, as they kept improving their services to serve their customers the best that they can.

To see inside the largest cruise ship in the world, see the below video, which is an excellent tour and review from the Cruise Fever YouTube channel:

Harmony of the Seas: The Second Largest Cruise Ship in the World

second largest cruise ship in the world

Another Royal Caribbean cruise ship – The Harmony of the Seas – is also built by STX France in Nazaire, France, at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard. Launched in 2015, the Harmony of the Seas had its maiden voyage on May 29, 2016. 

This large cruise ship measures 362.12 meters long. It has 2,747 staterooms with virtual balconies that could accommodate 5,479 guests at double occupancy on its 16 passenger decks. These virtual balconies provide a “live feed” of the view outside of the ship.

Clearly, it’s the second-largest and longest cruise ship in the world. It is longer than the Symphony of the Seas, which is only 361.011 meters in length.

It has similar amenities with its sister cruise ship, except for the fact that the Symphony of the Seas offers more amazing features and luxury cruise amenities equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Comparison of the Symphony of the Seas and the Titanic

To show how massive the Symphony of the Seas is, let’s compare its specifications and features to the Titanic.

For starters, the Symphony of the Seas is five times larger than the RMS Titanic. The Titanic was the largest cruise ship more than 10 decades ago. But presently, Titanic’s record was overtaken by several cruise ships, including the AIDAnova, Harmony of the Seas, and recently, the Symphony of the Seas, as the front runner.

So, how does the Titanic compare with the Symphony of the Seas? Let’s look at the following criteria:

1. Cost

The Symphony of the Seas took $1.35 billion to build. This huge amount of money is understandable, considering all the luxurious and elegant amenities provided by the ship. On the other hand, the Titanic cost $174 million, with the facilities deemed top-notch in that decade. Its features and amenities included the Grand Staircase and a squash court.

2. Size

The Symphony of the Seas is 5x the size of the Titanic. So, the Titanic becomes a dwarf ship beside the Symphony of the Seas. The Titanic measures only 882 feet and 9 inches in length, 92 feet and 6 inches in width, and 104 feet high. You may want to compare these data with the Symphony of the Seas’ data above.

3. Decks

The Titanic had 10 decks as compared to the Symphony of Seas that has 18 decks. The difference is quite significant. 

4. Crew and Passengers

The Symphony of the Seas has 2,200 crew members and can accommodate 6,680 passengers, while the Titanic has 885 crew members and can only accommodate 2,453 passengers. The number is almost tripled, demonstrating how massive the Symphony of the Seas is.

5. Amenities

The Symphony of the Seas offers dozens of entertainment events and multiple amenities that are worthy of a luxurious cruise. For Titanic, it featured the Grand Staircase along with popular amenities, such as the 1st Class Gymnasium and Smoking Room.

Conclusion – What Is the Largest Cruise Ship in the World?

So to revisit our initial question, “What is the largest cruise ship in the world?” The largest cruise ship in the world is the Symphony of Seas. This ship is so huge that it’s often referred to as a floating Grand Hotel. If you review the specifications of the Symphony of Seas, you would know that it is, indeed, the “Queen of the Sea.”

In case you want to book a Symphony of the Seas cruise, you may want to start booking a year earlier. Reportedly, all rooms are fully booked up to 2019. 

So what are you waiting for? Go on your long-awaited cruise and experience firsthand the unique amenities and mesmerizing entertainment shows offered by the Symphony of Seas.

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