Towee Boats [Models, Specs, and Review]

The Towee Boats Company is a popular manufacturer of high-quality skiffs – a small boat with a shallow and flat bottom. In this article, I’ll describe the Towee boat models, including their key specs and features.

Dubbed in the market as the Swiss Army knife for small boats, there are two main Towee Boat models – the Calusa, a crossover skiff, and the Scout, a lower version of the Calusa. More than selling boats, Towee also has a trailer and offers fiberglass repair, among other services.

Read on to learn more about Towee boats, including their models and key specs. 

Towee Boats – Calusa and Scout Model Specs

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If you think of buying a new Towee boat, there are two models to choose from – the Calusa and Scout.

Before we start with our review, refer to the short table below for the specs of the Calusa and Scout boats. As you can see, they are almost the same. You can also expect the same quality and performance regardless of the model you choose:

 Towee 2021 Calusa Towee 2021 Scout 
Length Overall (LOA) 16 feet 16 feet 
Beam51 inches 51 inches 
Draft 4 to 4.5 inches 4 inches 
Motor 20 HP 20 HP 
Hull Weight 290 pounds 240 pounds 
Customization Yes No 
Electrical Yes No 
Colors Sea Foam, Dawn Patrol Gray, Backcountry Black, Pine Island White, Gravel Bar Sage, CustomMarsh, Seafoam, Dawn Patrol Gray, Gravel Bar Sage, Back Country Black

Towee Calusa Specs and Features

The boat that gave birth to a crossover skiff – this is how the Calusa positions itself. From its shallow float and exceptional stability despite a heavy load, this is one of the most reliable skiffs in the market today. Not to mention, it is pretty affordable as well. 

Length Overall 

The length overall or LOA refers to the maximum length of the hull. This is a parallel measurement of the longest point of the bottom of the boat that touches the waterline. It is the length of the bow’s tip going to the stern. 

Towee Calusa’s length overall is 16 feet. The most common length for a skiff is 15 feet. Even if this model is a foot longer, such additional length is almost unnoticeable. 


The beam is the width of the boat in its widest part. This is important as it determines a boat’s stability. The wider the beam is, the more stable it will be. In the case of Towee Calusa, the beam is 51 inches. 


The draft is the distance between the boat’s deepest point and the waterline. This is an important measurement as it determines the minimum depth of the water for the boat to float. If the depth is less than the boat’s draft, it will be touching the surface and will not float. The draft of Towee Calusa is 4 to 4.5 inches, depending on the specific version. 


A 20HP motor powers this skiff. As it is a generally light boat, skiffs do not need high-powered engines to deliver a commendable performance. 

Hull Weight 

A boat’s hull is its watertight body. It will allow the boat to either ride on the top of the water or displace it. In this model, the hull weight is 290 pounds.


While you can get the standard version of this small boat, there is also an option for customization. The latter is perfect for those who want a skiff that is custom-built to their specifications. It can cost more, but it’s worth every dollar if you want to personalize your skiff to achieve your desired performance. 


One of the best things about the Calusa is that it comes pre-built with many of the things you will need, including the electricals. It has full wiring with durable breaker boxes. You don’t have to suffer from inferior wires with poor insulation. This boat comes with thick marine-grade wires with double insulation. They will resist damage, even in saltwater. 


Find a boat that suits your personality and preferences. The Towee Calusa is available in the following colors – Sea Foam, Dawn Patrol Gray, Backcountry Black, Pine Island White, and Gravel Bar Sage. The best thing is that you can customize the color as you wish. 

Towee Scout Specs and Features 

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The Scout is a slightly smaller version of the Calusa. It has the same notable features and innovations as the latter but in