Starcraft Islander Specs and Review

Starcraft Islander boats are excellent for cruising or fishing. They are tough and have plenty of amenities for fishing all day in comfort. In this article, I’ll describe the Starcraft Islander, including its key specs and features, so you can decide if it is right for you.

Starcraft Islander boats are made of aluminum or fiberglass. They are great for deep-water fishing in rough water or recreational cruising. The boat comes with a cuddy cabin that you can use to avoid the spray or if you want to lounge and take it easy. The Starcraft Islander is perfect for anglers who want to get to a different port or fishing spot quickly.

Some experienced boaters say that the boats built by Starcraft are like tanks. They will serve you well for many years. These boats are also able to handle big and rough waters. They are fast enough and able to take you anywhere on the water.

Read on to learn more about the Starcraft Islander boat models and their key specs and features.

About the Starcraft Islander

Starcraft islander

Starcraft Marine manufactured the Starcraft Islander, a builder of boats established in 1903. Its boat-building operations are now based in New Paris, Indiana. Some boaters say that the boats made by this company are like tanks. The reason perhaps is the company’s original name, which is Star Tank Company.

This boat is an aluminum boat for cruising and deep water fishing. It has a cuddy cabin that you can use for lounging or avoid the spray on the deck. There are windows in the cabin so you can see the world outside.

This boat is designed to be fast. Boating Magazine stated that this boat is excellent for anglers who want to go to a different port or different fishing spot in a hurry. The company that makes this boat is a leader in the industry of recreational boating. It has led the industry to boating innovations. Originally, they also produced aluminum water tanks and farm equipment.

Aluminum Starcraft Boat Models

Today, Starcraft’s most popular boats are those with aluminum hulls. These boats are called aluminum boat models. There are also several models of Starcraft aluminum boats. They are the following:

1. SuperSport

This is an open-bow versatile hull used for cruising, fishing, and water sports.

2. Chieftain

Chieftain is Starcraft’s original aluminum cuddy cabin model with lengths ranging from 18 to 24 feet.

3. Holiday

this is a closed-bow runabout with lengths that range from 14 to 22 feet.

4. Jupiter

This is a closed-bow hull that has 16-foot lengths.

5. Islander

This is a cuddy cabin cruiser with lengths ranging from 18 to 26 feet. It is also designed for cruising and deep water fishing.

6. Sea Scamp

The hull lengths of these boats range from 12 to 14 feet. They come with bench-style seating.

7. Sunchief

This is the biggest closed-bow model runabout of Starcraft. They are available with inboard-outboard power.

8. Seafarer

This boat is similar to the Sea Scamp. The only difference is that it is lighter.

9. Jet/JetStar

JetStar is a closed-bow light runabout and is often used for water sports.

10. Marlin

These boats come in 14 and 16-feet lengths. They have a closed bow, with tiller steering and wood bench seats. Starcraft built the last model in 1966.

11. Offshore V

This is a rare model of the SuperSport model lineup. It is best used in open water fishing.

Fiberglass Starcraft Boat Models

Short History

Starcraft also built fiberglass boats from 1960 to 1970. These boats have side hulls with simulated ‘wood strake.’ Moreover, they have a decent outboard engine with capacities ranging from 45 to 80 horsepower. These boats have smooth fiberglass closed bow tops and a single piece of curved windscreen.

The strong and well-crafted hull transoms of these fiberglass boats can accommodate more powerful and more modern outboard motors. However, if these motors exceed their rated capacities, they present some risks of damages to the hulls due to the torque forces that they produce.

Starcraft introduced Tri-hull models in the mid-1970s. The more traditional closed-bow variants started using smoother, sleeker, and more modern designs of side hulls. Their distinctive classic ‘faux wood strake’ eventually gave way to the stylish looks of modern boats.

During the 1980s, Starcraft increased its production of deck boats, cuddy, and bowrider sportfisher or sport runabouts and deep-V hull boats. This is a result of the acquisition of Starcraft’s marine division by Brunswick. As time went on, Starcraft boats used the modern fiberglass boat designs.

Starcraft’s Fiberglass Boat Models

Finally, the fiberglass boat models built by Starcraft are the following:

1. Lancer

This is a 15 feet fiberglass model that Starcraft created in the year 1962. It is similar to the Saber and Bahama models.

2. Saber

This boat has the same length, 15 feet, and the same capacity, 75 horsepower, as the Lancer and Bahama models. They were produced from 1963 to 1968.

3. Bahama

Bahama is a 15 feet fiberglass closed-bow runabout/fishing model. It can accommodate outboard engines of up to 75 hp. They were built in 1964.

4. Riviera

This is a 17 feet closed-bow with a “wood-straked” appearance. They were built in 1965.

5. Siren

This is a 14 feet model similar to the Arrow and Mustang. They were built in 1965.

6. Safari

Safari is a 16 feet fiberglass boat that has a different look. It has a smooth and more modern appearance compared to the wood-straked hulls of Starcraft boats. They were built in 1966.

7. Mustang

This boat has the same length, 14 feet, and the same capacity, 45 hp. as the Arrow. They were built in 1966.

8. Newport

Newport is a 16-foot fiberglass ski boat is equipped with 120 hp. Mercruiser I/O stern drive. They were built in 1968.

9. Arrow

This 14-foot fiberglass boat can accommodate an outboard engine with up to 45 hp capacity. They were built in 1968.

10. Caravelle

Caravelle is a 15-foot fiberglass boat that can accommodate outboard engines with a power rating of up to 80 hp. They were built in 1968.

11. Imperia

The length of this fiberglass boat is 18 feet. It is powered by 250 cubic inches, 165 hp. Mercruiser I/O stern drive engine. They were built in 1968.

12. American

American is a 15 feet fiberglass Starcraft boat with a modern and smooth look instead of the standard faux wood hull sides. They were built in 1973.

13. Tri Star

This 17-foot fiberglass tri-hull style boat comes with the usual appointments of modern glass boats. It also has a more modern style. Starcraft built these boats in 1978.

Starcraft Islander 221 Specs

Star craft islander

The Starcraft Islander 221 is one of the boat models produced by Starcraft Marine. Here are the essential specifications of this boat:

Starcraft Islander 221 Specifications:

Length Overall – 24 feet and 6 inches (Bracket model)
Beam – 8 feet
Dry Weight – 2,023 pounds
People/Weight Capacity – 8 persons/ 1,200 pounds total
Fuel Capacity – 52 gallons
Max HP – 200 horsepower
NMMA Certified – Yes

Test Drive

Engine – Mercury OptiMax 150 hp.
Test Prop – Mercury Laser II 14 x 19 stainless three-blade
Load – the weight of passengers: 475 pounds; weight of fuel: 35 gallons
Top Speed – 45.4 miles per hour at 5,150 revolutions per minute
Time to Plane – 4.0 seconds
Time to 30 MPH – 9.2 sec.
Minimum Plane – 18 mph at 3,100 RPM

Power Curve

RPMMPHSound Level

Starcraft Islander 221 Features

The Starcraft Islander 221 appears to be tough and ready to meet any challenge on the water. It is loaded with attractive features that make it stand out from its nearest rivals.

Here are some features that set apart this watercraft from the rest:

1. Cozy Cuddy

The cuddy cabin is spacious enough to be used as sleeping quarters during a weekend. You can use it to avoid the spray and the harsh elements if you encounter them. It can accommodate several people, not just one or two.

2. Hull Extension

This boat has a two-foot hull extension that supports the outboard motor. It transforms the Islander 221 to an Islander 221 Bracket model. This configuration moves the outboard motorway back to the stern. So, there are more room and space for fishing in the cockpit.

3. Perimeter Comfort

Padded coamings line the perimeter of the boat. Besides, this adds comfort to anglers and gives a trimmed look to the boat, making it appear nicer. The pads allow anglers to fish all day without any discomfort.

4. Vinyl Floor

The deck of the boat is coated with vinyl, purposely because it is primarily a fishing boat. There is no need to be very careful if fishes and live bait drop on the deck since you can easily hose down the cockpit to remove all the slime.

5. Lighter and More Economical

This boat is made of aluminum, making it lighter. So, it is easier and more economical to operate. It doesn’t need as much power to run as do other boats made of fiberglass. When the sun is up, this boat shines on the highway. That makes it easy to see, so you can use a smaller vehicle to tow this from land to water and vice versa.

Other Notable Features

  • The inside depth of 30 inches provides plenty of room when both the sea and the fishes are big.
  • There is a box under the driver’s chair and jump seat. It is over four feet long. So, you can use this as a live well or a fish box.
  • There are slide tracks that are 72 inches long on each deck. They also come with logo inserts. If you remove these inserts, you can slide rod holders, downriggers, and planer-board supports.
  • There are plenty of bow windows on this boat. This allows natural light to come into the cabin.
  • This boat has an open cockpit and vinyl floor. They are perfect when you are in rough waters on huge waterways where conditions can abruptly change.
  • There is a huge, hinged storage locker on the stern floor of this boat. You can outfit it with an optional fish-box tray. Thus, this is good for salmon anglers.

Starcraft Warranty

Starcraft Marine boats have warranties. Among the warranties that this company provides each boat that they produce are:

  • 10 Year Limited Hull Warranty
  • Life Time Limited Warranty on Floor & Cabin Bunk Tops
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on Marine Grade Carpet
  • Life Time Limited Warranty on Double Riveted Seams
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty on Upholstery Vinyl

Pros and Cons of Starcraft Islander Boats

Starcraft islander boat

While it is good to know the specs and features of the Starcraft Islander boats, it is also worthy of considering its pros and cons before making a buying decision.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this boat:


  • Lightweight and easy to tow
  • Easy to load and unload from a trailer
  • Attractive resale value
  • Good fuel efficiency on the water
  • Good weather protection
  • Strong and durable hull
  • Cuddy cabin has a decent size
  • Dry ride
  • Have lots of tackle storage
  • Good reserve buoyancy


  • Pounds a lot on choppy waters
  • Paint and decals don’t fare well while the boat is on the dock
  • Rides like a log wagon when on big rivers and lakes
  • Cast aluminum corner guards and nose guards are prone to shattering if the boat bumps the dock
  • The boat tends to blow around a lot due to its high profile, flat bottom, and its weight

Starcraft Marine Company Bacground

Arthur E. Schrock established Starcraft Marine in 1903 in Goshen, Indiana. Its original business is making water tanks and farm equipment. Then, Bangor Punta bought the company in 1969 and became one of the first five firms to own Starcraft. Now, the company is one of the companies owned by the Smoker Craft family of boats based in New Paris, Indiana.

Conclusion: Starcraft Islander Review

In general, Starcraft Islander boats are made of aluminum or fiberglass. These boats are great for deep-water fishing and cruising activities. They have a cuddy cabin that you can use for lounging and avoiding the spray in rough waters.

This boat is designed to be fast. Thus, suitable for anglers who are in a hurry to go to a different fishing spot or port.

Here are the Starcraft Aluminum boat models:

  1. SuperSport
  2. Chieftain
  3. Holiday
  4. Jupiter
  5. Islander
  6. Sea Scamp
  7. Sunchief
  8. Seafarer
  9. Jet/JetStar
  10. Marlin
  11. Offshore V

Below are the Starcraft Fiberglass boat models:

  1. Lancer
  2. Saber
  3. Bahama
  4. Riviera
  5. Siren
  6. Safari
  7. Mustang
  8. Newport
  9. Arrow
  10. Caravelle
  11. Imperia
  12. American
  13. Tri Star

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