Sixgill Fishing Review [Including the Various Sixgill Fishing Reels]

One of the best sources for quality fishing gear is Sixgill Fishing. They are most well-known for the Sixgill fishing reel, but they also have several other products that we will list in this article.

Sixgill Fishing Products is an outdoor lifestyle company specializing in supplying fishing gear to anglers of all ages and experience levels. Aside from well-made equipment, it also employs a team of professional anglers who are more than willing to provide you with expert advice.

Read on to learn more about Sixgill Fishing and its products, including the popular Sixgill fishing reel.

About Sixgill Fishing

Sixgill fishing

Sixgill Fishing started as Allen Fly Fishing. As the name suggests, the company first started by selling just fly-fishing gear. As the years went by, Allen Fly Fishing grew, and it became apparent that they needed to broaden their market. This led them to add two other brands, Exterus Outdoor Development and Sixgill Fishing Products, that offer a broader fishing gear lineup.

When it comes to freshwater and saltwater fishing, you can trust Sixgill Fishing Products to provide you with only the best fishing gear and equipment. You can also gain the knowledge needed for you to become a skilled angler.

Sixgill Fishing Products is one of the best providers of angler gear sand equipment, and a lot of professional hobby anglers will tell you the same. Most of the fans of Sixgill were all grandfathered in from when the company was still known as Allen Fly Fishing. All of them stayed because their products’ quality remained the same, with several items getting significant improvements.

Although it is fair to say that not all of Sixgill Fishing’s products are great (there are a couple that needs a lot of improvement), the majority of their offerings are really worth the money. Many professional anglers also highly recommend Sixgill fishing equipment. Most of the raving reviews you will see online come from satisfied customers, not just the company sponsors.

Aside from the products, Sixgill has one of the best customer services in the industry. If you happen to find a fault in your product, they will not hesitate to help you with your problems. Returns and exchanges are also quick and easy. The company trained their staff to answer all the queries of their customers promptly. They make it a point to respond and interact with them, too.

Sixgill Fishing Products

Here are some examples with their short reviews to give you an idea about what the Sixgill Fishing company offers to its prized customers.

1. Sixgill Hyperion Reel

Sixgill Hyperion is one of the top-of-the-line reels from the company. One thing that makes it so impressive is its formidable casting distance. This feature makes it the perfect choice if you ever want to join fishing tourneys and need to cover a huge area in a short amount of time.

The Hyperion also comes with cork handles that feel good in the hands. Another nice thing about this reel is that it does not feel sick, even when it gets wet. You will not have a problem every time you have an hour-long fight with a fish.

One downside, though, is that the housing gets a bit loose after a couple of outings. Fortunately, you can easily reach out to the company’s customer service so that you can fix the issue.


  • Excellent casting distance
  • Has comfortable cork handles
  • Sleek-looking but highly durable
  • The bearings are great, making casting and retrieving a breeze.


  • The housing is a bit loose.

2. Sixgill Crius Reel

The Crius is one of the lightest casting reels that ever came out of the Sixgill Fishing inventory. This reel has a carbon fiber frame and side-plates, making it lightweight while remaining highly durable. It makes use of cork composite materials for its handles. This material does not just look good but provides excellent grip as well.

Another nice feature of this Sixgill fishing reel is its dual-braking system, which is the same as the Hyperion casting reel uses. This specific system works in providing excellent control. If you are familiar with dual-braking systems, then you are in for a treat. However, if this is your first time having one, you will be disappointed as you will not get any instructions on how to use it.

Sixgill fishing review

However, one complaint is that even if it looks great, it feels a bit too plastic-like. This means that it is a bit too light and it does not have enough heft to it.


  • Made of durable carbon fiber
  • It has a comfortable cork handle
  • Features a dual-braking system


  • Plastic-like feel

3. Sixgill Trireme Spinning Reel

The best thing about this reel is the affordable price tag. You can get one for under $50. However, even though it has such a small price tag, Sixgill does not skimp on quality. It still has the same ruggedness and durability that you can expect from Sixgill.

Thanks to its stainless-steel bearings, casting and retrieving are as smooth as butter. This is the perfect reel if you are fishing for small fish like panfish and trout. However, if you will be catching larger fish, like bass, expect them to steal a bit of your line.


  • Highly affordable without losing its overall great quality
  • Has stainless steel bearings for smooth use
  • Sleek while still boasting of a rugged and sturdy built
  • Feels solid in the hand


  • Might not be suitable for fish that is larger than a trout

4. Sixgill Myakka Fishing Rod

The Myakka is the flagship pole in Sixgill’s arsenal. Even though countless other fishing rods out there use carbon fiber as their primary material, this product from Sixgill is one of the most durable options out there. Despite it being lightweight, you can put your entire weight on it while battling fish without worrying about it wavering.

Another thing that I liked about this rod is the cork handle. Aside from being comfortable, making it great for use on an all-day fishing tourney, it is also slimmer compared to the others. With that, this handle can surely accommodate different hand sizes.

It has excellent sensitivity, thanks to it allowing more blank access. The guides are also positioned so that you will not need to sacrifice sensitivity for power. However, you need to know that the guides’ eyelets are small, so they might not accommodate thicker gauge lines.


  • Lightweight but sturdy and solid
  • Features a comfortable cork handle
  • Ergonomically designed handle that can fit almost all hand sizes
  • Excellent sensitivity


  • Guides cannot fit heavy-gauge lines

5. Sixgill Lykan Fishing Rod

This 7-inch casting rod from Sixgill may be one of the best multi-purpose poles that you will have the pleasure of using. It can provide enough power to reel in catfish and carp but still sensitive enough to catch small fish like panfish.

Even though it is quite lightweight, you can still expect the Lykan fishing rod to be very durable. If you accidentally place heavy bags on top of it, it will not bend nor break. Even the guides did not get out of place.

Sixgill fishing reel

Although this pole is a versatile rod, it is a jack-of-all-trades. You will need to use the right settings depending on your needs.


  • Provides a lot of value for its price
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Boasts of an extremely durable and high-quality construction
  • Sensitive enough for small fish and powerful enough for mid-sized ones


  • Not as easy to set and use compared to the others

Types of Equipment You Can Buy from Sixgill Fishing

You can find anything that you will possibly need for fishing in Sixgill. In fact, you can buy the individual parts of a fishing rod and have the store assemble your unique equipment for you.

To give you an idea of what you need to buy, here are some of the basic pieces of kit that you need to shop for:

1. Reels

The reel is the part of the rod that holds the entire length of the fishing line. It is basically a spool connected to a handle. If you spin the handle forward, you will be giving the line a bit of slack. Spin it the other way around, and you will be reeling in the line.

There are basically three types of reels that you can choose from. However, if you are a beginner, you need to choose one that is the easiest to use. When you get more experienced, you can get a more advanced reel that provides more control.

2. Rods

The rod is the main body of the fishing pole. The rod holds the reel. It also has guides that keep the fishing line straight. When buying a fishing rod, you need to consider if you will be fishing in salt or freshwater. It is important to know the type of fish you plan on catching too.

3. Lines

The line is the cord spooled in the reel and threaded through the guides on the pole. The end holds the hook and baits for catching fish. Just like picking a fishing rod, you should also choose a line, depending on whether you are fishing for saltwater or freshwater fish and the size of fish you will be going after. Keep in mind that the thicker the line, the less likely it that it will break. However, you also lose casting accuracy and sensitivity.

4. Hooks

This is the part tied at the end of the fishing line. This is the part that latches onto the inside of the fish’s mouth. Again, your choice of hooks should depend on the size of fish you are targeting. Get a hook that is too small, and the fish would chew it up and spit out. Use one that is too big, and the fish will not be able to put it in its mouth.

Other Fishing Gear and Tackle Offered by Sixgill

If you want to become a professional angler someday, you need to start by looking at the part. Fishing tackle and gear sold by Sixgill are as follows:

  1. Lures/bait – Just tossing a hook into the water is not enough. You will need lures and/or bait to make the fish want to gobble it up.
  2. Sinkers/Floaters – You can set how deep in the water your lures sink by choosing the appropriate sinkers and floaters. Some fish like to stay near the surface while others hang around near the bottom, so you need to consider these factors.
  3. Nets – Landing a hooked fish is a lot easier when you use a net. This is extremely useful when you hook a particularly feisty fish.
  4. Waders – Are you going fly fishing? You will need a good pair of waders because you will find yourself in knee-deep waters most of the time.
  5. Apparel – Although not required, it does feel good to wear fishing-appropriate clothes whenever you go out to the water. However, there are certain things that you will need, like a hat to protect you from the sun, which you can get from the Sixgill Fishing Products store.
  6. Tackle boxes – You will have a good-sized collection of fishing tackle even before you even go on your first fishing trip, so you will need a nice tackle box to keep them organized. A tackle box is where you will put all your lures, hooks, extra lines, tools, and other things you will need when you are fishing.

If you are just a beginner, there is no need to get all the different fishing tackle you can find. Just invest in the ones that you will be using more often.

Conclusion – Sixgill Fishing Review

If you are looking for top-quality fishing equipment and gear, you need not look further than Sixgill Fishing. Sixgill Fishing Products is an outdoor lifestyle company specializing in supplying fishing gear to anglers of all ages and experience levels. Aside from selling top-quality equipment, they also have in their employ a team of professional anglers who are more than willing to provide you with guidance.

Here are some of the products offered by Sixgill Fishing:

  1. Lures/bait
  2. Sinkers/Floaters
  3. Nets
  4. Waders
  5. Apparel
  6. Tackle boxes
  7. Reel
  8. Hooks
  9. Line
  10. Rod

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