Sea-Doo Speedster Specs and Review

When many think of Sea-Doo, they think of a jet ski or personal watercraft. But the Sea-Doo speedster is different. It is a compact jet boat that has the agility and excitement of a jet ski with the power required for waterskiing or tubing. In this article, we’ll look at all the essential Sea-Doo Speedster specs and features so you can decide if it is the right boat for you.

The Sea-Doo Speedster is a jet boat designed and produced by Bombardier Recreational Products. Bombardier produced seven jet boats across three different product lines. One of the three product lines is the Musclecraft line. There are two products in this product line: the Sea-Doo Speedster 150 and the Sea-Doo Speedster 200.

The Sea-Doo Speedster 150 has a 215 horsepower engine, while the Sea-Doo Speedster 200 is equipped with a 310 hp engine. These two jet boats can attain top speeds of nearly 60 miles per hour with their powerful engines.

Read on to learn more about the Sea-Doo speedster, its specs and features, and if it is worth your money.

About the Sea-Doo Speedster

Bombardier Recreational Products, a Canadian company, created the Sea-Doo Speedster. One of Bombardier’s product lines is the Musclecraft line. The Musclecraft line includes the Sea-Doo Speedster 150 and the Sea-Doo Speedster 200.

Bombardier was first known as a builder of business jets. But in 1968, it produced its first jet boat and called it the Bombardier Sea-Doo. Clayton Jacobson II, the original inventor of jet boats, designed and guided this PWC production.

The first Sea-Doo jet boat looked like a small flying saucer. It measured 7.5 feet long and 5 feet wide. However, this early jet boat can only attain a top speed of 25 miles per hour with its 320 cc engine.

The Sea-Doo was re-launched in 1968, and sales went up to 100,000 units in the company’s 1995 fiscal year. That meant Sea-Doo had captured more than half of the PWC market.

Three product lines comprise the seven jet boats that Sea-Doo produced. One of these product lines is the Musclecraft line. This product line consists of two jet boats:

  • Sea-Doo Speedster 150, equipped with a 215 hp engine, and
  • Sea-Doo Speedster 200, powered by a 310 hp engine.

The Sea-Doo Speedster 150 is a 4-seater jet boat. Furthermore, it comes with a Rotax supercharged 215 hp engine. This engine enables the jet boat to reach 30 miles per hour in only 5.6 seconds. It can also attain a top speed of 58.3 mph.

The other two product lines of Sea-Doo jet boats are the Sport line comprised of three jet boats and the Recreation line with two hulls, also called Challengers. The Sea-Doo Wake 230 belongs to the Sport line.

Sea-Doo Specs and Features

The following table will give you a detailed description of the specs of the Sea-Doo Speedster 150 and the Sea-Doo Speedster 200. These specs and features are for the 2007 year model of the Sea-Doo Speedster.

Table of Comparison for Sea-Doo Speedsters

You can also use this table to compare the specs and features of these two Sea-Doo Speedsters:

SpecificationsSea-Doo Speedster 150Sea-Doo Speedster 200
ENGINEModel: 4-TEC® 1503Model: 4-TEC® 1503 [2x]
 Displacement: 1,494 ccDisplacement: 1,494 cc
 Horsepower: 215 hp/255 hpHorsepower: 430 hp/310 hp
 Type: 4-StrokeType: 4-Stroke
 Cylinders: 3Cylinders (per engine): 3
 Max RPM [215/155]: 8,000/7,300Max RPM (per engine) [215/155]: 8,000/7,300
Axial FlowSingle-stageSingle-stage
ImpellerStainless steelStainless steel
Overall length15 feet & 4 inches19 ft. & 9 in. (6.02 m)
Beam7 ft. & 1 in.8 ft. (2.44 m)
Draft12 in. (30.5 cm)12 in. (30.5 cm)
Weight (dry)1,454 lbs.2,770 lbs. (1,254 kg)
Storage capacity14.5 cu. ft.46 cu. ft. (13.9 cu.m.)
Seating capacity47
Weight capacity715 lbs.1,400 lbs. (634 kg)
Fuel capacity21 gal44 US gal (166.5 l)
Oil capacity0.92 US gal (3.5 l)0.92 US gal (3.5 l)
Generator30 amp/380 watts30 amp/380 watts
Battery12 volts12 volts
MaterialComposite FRP 
Deadrise20 degrees 
ColorsYellow/Black or Viper Red/BlackViper Red or Mazatlan Blue
PriceStarts at $15, 899.00Starts at $29, 499.00
Top Speed58.3 miles per hour53.4 miles per hour

Below is an excellent Sea-Doo Speedster review (Speedster 150) showing the engine that powers this jet boat and how it can zip through the water at blazing speeds:

Sea-Doo Speedster 150 Features

  • CLCS – Closed-loop cooling system maintains the engine’s ideal operating temperature and its coolant for maximum performance. It also enhances durability.
  • Direct Drive Propulsion System – For greater maneuverability and less draft.
  • New 18 functional digital info center
  • Non-Skid Bow Entry – Improves sure footing while on the water.
  • Pull-up Ski Pylon – Provides convenient rope attachment for towing activities.
  • Swim Platform with Ladder – For easier and comfortable re-boarding of the craft in deep water.
  • Built-in Cooler – Convenient onboard storage for food and beverages.
  • Clarion AM/FM/CD Stereo with two speakers – For quality audio entertainment.
  • 12 Volt Jack – The power source for cell phones, portable spotlight, and other gadgets.
  • Ski Storage – convenient storage for skis, accessories, and other water toys.
  • On-Board Storage – Front and rear lockable storage offer a secure and dry space for storing gears and accessories.

Other Safety and Convenience Features of the Sea-Doo Speedster 150

  • Navigational Lights
  • Auto Bilge Pump/Switch
  • Padded/Bolstered Seating
  • Lockable front and Rear Storage
  • Non-Skid Decking
  • Non-Slip Grab Handles
  • Four Stainless Steel Cleats
  • Stainless Steel Eyes Bow and Stern
  • Horn (Flush Mount)
  • 12 Volt Jack
  • Driver Console

Sea-Doo Speedster 200 Features

  • Cockpit Courtesy Lights – Offers indirect lighting for nighttime boating.
  • Full instrumentation dashboard
  • Built-In Ice Cooler – Convenient onboard storage for food and beverages.
  • Clarion AM/FM CD Stereo – Offers quality audio entertainment.
  • Windscreen with Pop-up Wind Deflector and Helm Storage
  • On-Board Storage – Offers a dry and secure space of 46 cubic feet capacity.
  • 12 Volt Jack – The power source for the portable spotlight, cell phone, etc.
  • Multi-Function Aluminum Rails – Stylish aluminum rails enhance the sleek lines of the Speedster.
  • Grab Handles
  • Ski Storage – Offers storage space for skis, accessories, and water toys.
  • Backlit Analogue Gauges – Speedometer backlit, Tachometer backlit [2x], Warning backlit [2x], Fuel backlit
  • Other features, including safety features, are the same as that of the Sea-Doo Speedster 150.

Pros and Cons of the Sea-Doo Speedster



The Sea-Doo Speedster 150 is incredibly fast. It can accelerate onto the plane in just two seconds. At full tilt, it can clock around 54.7 mph (88 kph.) with 7,800 rpm on the gauge. Even at high speeds, this jet boat is stable.

Intelligent Throttle

The Sea-Doo Speedster is also a “smart” jet boat. You can change modes and optimize fuel efficiency by using the ITC (Intelligent Throttle Control) technology. This jet boat can provide very responsive handling. 

You can have continuous thrust in any corner as well because this jet boat works through a pump. It does not experience loss of speed or cavitation.

Large Fuel Tank

The Sea-Doo Speedster 150 is also equipped with a large fuel tank with a capacity of more than 79 liters. This will give you more time to enjoy the water for up to 5.5 hours. Its fuel consumption is around 12 liters per hour, so your distance range will not be limited.

The fuel tank of the Sea-Doo Speedster 200 is more than double that of the Speedster 150 at 167 plus liters. Therefore, its distance range and the number of hours you can use it on the water will be twice as well.

Deck Space

The deck space of the Sea-Doo Speedster is big enough to accommodate 4 adult passengers comfortably.


The dashboard of this jet boat is also high-tech. It has a full digital information center with 21 functions. These functions include cruise control, docking mode, fuel consumption meter, and Eco mode. The dashboard is encased in a futuristic-looking carbon fiber backing.

One of the newer additions to this jet boat is the sun pad located at the stern. This sun pad covers the storage area of the jet boat.

Storage Area

The storage area space is big enough to accommodate the gears you might want to take with you. You can lift this bin if you want to access the boat’s engine.

Very Responsive at the Helm

The Sea-Doo Speedster is also very responsive at the helm. With just the slightest hand movement on the steering wheel, the boat will accurately respond to whatever direction you may want it to take.

The same is true when you work on the throttle during turns. This jet boat can also pull maneuvers that other boats can’t do.

You can use this jet boat to tow wakeboarders and water skiers, whatever their size and shape. 


If this is your first time driving the Sea-Doo Speedster, it won’t be easy. However, once you get used to the controls, you will be able to adjust quickly.

There is a lever located on the top of the gunwale. This lever controls the engine speed. You need to hold on to this lever when skippering. There’s a second lever that controls forward and reverses thrusts.

The fourth seat on the boat’s port side is rear-facing and towards the bow. It is not a good place to sit if the Speedster 150 is speeding up fast. The person sitting at this fourth seat will not appreciate the jet boat’s aggressive performance if facing backward.

Speed Limitations of the Sea-Doo Speedster

The Sea-Doo Speedster 150 is only 15 feet long. It can hardly be called a decent boat. However, with its Rotax engine that delivers 215 hp, this jet boat can attain a top speed of 58.3 mph.

Its bigger sister, the Sea-Doo 200, is just short of 20 feet by a few inches. But it has a bigger engine that can deliver 430 hp. This 4-seater jet boat can reach a top speed of 53.4 mph.

Comparison Between Sea-Doo Speedster 150 and 2015 Scarab 165

The Sea-Doo Speedster 150 model has one rival that is close to its specs and features. It is the Scarab Boats 165.

Sea-Doo Speedster specs

Below is a table that will show how the Sea-Doo Speedster 150 2012 model compares with the Scarab 165 2015 model:

Specifications2012 Sea-Doo Speedster 1502015 Scarab 165
Base Price$15, 99.00$16,576.00
Boat TypeBowriderBowrider
CategoryWater Sports, traileringWater Sports, trailering
Warranty1 year1 year
Overall Length15 ft. 4 in. (4.7 m.)15 ft. 9 in. (4.8 m.)
Beam7 ft. 1 in. (2.2 m.)7 ft. 1 in. (2.2 m.)
Draft1 ft. (0.31 m.)1 ft. (0.30 m.)
Dry Weight1,453 lbs. (659 kgs.)1,598 lbs. (725 kgs.)
Fuel Tank20 gal. (77 liters)20 gal. (76 liters)
Passenger seating45
BASIC ENGINERotax 1503 NARotax 1503 SC 4-TEC
Maximum Horsepower255 hp250 hp
Drive PropulsionJet DriveJet Drive
Engine TypeI-3I-3
Displacement1.5 liters1.5 liters
FuelRegular GasolineRegular Gasoline

Short Background of the Sea-Doo Speedster

The grandparent of the Sea-Doo Speedster is the Bombardier Sea-Doo. It was first produced in 1968 by a business jet builder, Bombardier Inc., of Canada. This company was later known as Bombardier Recreational Products.

This first Sea-Doo was designed and production-guided by the original inventor of personal watercraft, Clayton Jacobson II.

Also involved in this early jet boat’s design and production is Laurent Beaudoin, who wanted this jet boat to be as successful as the Ski-Doo, a snowmobile made by Bombardier.

The first Sea-Doo PWC was equipped with a 320 cc air-cooled engine. Its top speed was 25 mph. The company replaced its engine in 1969 due to some overheating problems. The replacement was a bigger 367 cc water-cooled engine.

In 2007, Bombardier celebrated a milestone in its personal watercraft production. BRP assembled its one-millionth PWC on Jan. 27 at its Valcourt, Quebec assembly plant.

However, declining sales and the financial crisis in the succeeding years forced the company to drop jet boats’ production. Eventually, on Sept. 14, 2012, Sea-Doo announced that it would no longer produce jet boats.

Conclusion: Sea-Doo Speedster Specs and Review

The Sea-Doo Speedster was designed and produced by Bombardier Inc., a Canadian Company known for producing business jets. This company also produced seven jet boats across three product lines.

One of these product lines is the Musclecraft line. The Sea-Doo Speedster belongs to this product line. There are two jet boats in this product line: the Sea-Doo Speedster 150 powered by a 215 hp or a 150 hp engine and the Sea-Doo Speedster 200 powered by a 430 hp 310 hp engine.

If you’re looking for a personal watercraft to fire up your weekend, then the Sea-Doo Speedster is your go-to machine!