Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed – How Fast Can It Go?

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For the adventure seeker, going fast is the only way to go. If you’re someone who loves to go fast on a jet ski, the Sea-Doo Spark would be a familiar name. The only question is, what is the Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed exactly?

The Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed is 50 mph. During Sea-Doo’s Orlando press intro, testers reached a max speed of 42 mph on the Spark with a 60 hp ACE engine. This model weighs only 405 pounds. The 90 hp Spark version reached a max speed of 50 mph. This version weighs 420 pounds.

A speed of 40 to 50 mph may not seem fast at all. But when it comes to traveling on water, a top speed of that rate is like flying on top of the waves. Add to that the fact that the Sea-Doo Spark is a lightweight jet ski making it easier to go from a speed of zero to maximum in only a matter of seconds.

One of the best features of the Sea-Doo Spark is that it doesn’t need a powerful or heavy engine to reach these speeds on the water. With a smaller engine to fill, you’d get better fuel economy and cheaper fill-ups compared to having a jet ski with a bigger and more powerful engine.

Read on to learn more about the Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed and other cool info about this fast yet lightweight jet ski.

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Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed – How Fast Can It Go?

In comparison to a jet ski that can go Ferrari fast, the Sea-Doo Spark will have you wait a few seconds more to beat the same speed. A really quick jet ski running on powerful engines with 300 horsepower can go from a speed of zero to 60 mph in under 3 seconds.

On the other hand, it’ll take the Sea-Doo Spark at least 10 seconds to get you the same kind of speed. [1] Not bad if you consider the fact that Sea-Doo is meant for beginners who wish to experience the exhilarating feeling of flying into the sea.

With recreation in mind, the Sea-Doo is the perfect option for anyone wanting to get their first jet ski. It’s also a personal watercraft (PWC) of choice for the conservative and those who are still trying to get comfortable in the water.

Even children can manage the Sea-Doo Spark with its fair speed compared to other more powerful jet skis, which are also heavier and harder to maneuver.

What’s more, Sea-Doo made sure to create the Spark with a very simple yet efficient twist-and-go mechanism for its throttle. They even have bike-like bars for an easy and familiar grip.

Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed by Model

It’s hard enough to choose the right PWC that fits your personal style. Sea-Doo assures that it has enough designs for every type of water rider out there. If you’re up to it, you can answer some of their questions like the type of rider you are, the seating capacity you prefer, the riding time you wish to engage in, the type of water that suits your speed, your comfort, maneuvering and handling, if you engage in tow sports, and of course, the price.

Who knows? With a Sea-Doo, you might go from a shy, moderate watersport enthusiast to a full-throttle, high-flying Sea-Doo racer due to its easy controls. It also wouldn’t hurt that you’re willing to spend on extras that would make your water adventure so much fun and easier.

So, what is the Sea-Doo Spark top speed? To help you choose the best Sea-Doo Spark model with the top speed of your choice, we compiled a list for you:

Sea-Doo ModelTop Speed
Recreation Lite Series

-40 mph to 50 mph
-60 mph
Recreation Series
-GTI 90 / 130
-GTI SE 130 / 170

-50 mph to 55 mph
-55 mph to 60 mph
Touring Series
-GTX Limited 230 / 300
-GTX 170 / 230

-60 mph to 70 mp
-55 mph to 65 mph
Tow Sports Series
-WAKE 170

-60 mph
-58 mph
Performance Series
-GTR 230
-RXP-X 30
-RXT-X 300

-68 mph
-70 mph
-68 mph
Sport Fishing Series
-Fish Pro

-50 mph

Important note: The Sea-Doo Spark top speed, including the top speeds listed for each Sea-Doo model, are an approximate estimation. Discrepancies upon actual top speeds may vary due to several factors that will be mentioned in the next part of the article below.

Factors That Affect Sea-Doo Top Speeds

There are many reasons why your Sea-Doo model may not be as fast as those listed above.

Even as a beginner or a professional rider, you should know for a fact that various factors like your weight, the water conditions (it’s fairly easy to go faster on calm waters than turbulent ones), fuel tank size, and your engine’s horsepower to name a few affects your speed whether you like it or not.

The best way to determine the top speed you can go on your Sea-Doo is to consider these things when you’re choosing your preferred model.

How to Make the Sea-Doo Spark Faster

The official site of Sea-Doo lets you customize the Spark with a wide array of accessories and other riding gear you might need to complete your jet ski experience, whether as a rookie or a pro.

But if you’re in for a lot of speed, the best way to go is to go light. Speed is a major factor that is why Sea-Doo opted to use the robust, yet lightweight Polytec material to build their Spark line.

Of course, you should also know a few specifications of the Sea-Doo Spark that affects its speed. For example, Sea-Doo only has two engine options at the moment: the cheaper Rotax 900 ACE (60 HP and a top speed of 42mph) and the upgraded Rotax 900 H.O. ACE (90 HP and a top speed of 50 mph).

With the cheaper engine, you get less fuel consumption, which means a better fuel economy. On the other hand, the upgraded engine gives you better top speed and quicker acceleration time.

While it doesn’t really affect the speed, considering the iBR (intelligent brake and reverse mechanism) of your Sea-Doo Spark model is also a must for safety. Spark models that come with 90 horsepower engines are equipped with this feature for a safer ride.

An available iBR system allows you to start in neutral, stop quicker, and dock easier. It’s a luxury for some but a necessary safety feature for most jet ski riders, especially new ones.

Isn’t the Sea-Doo Spark Too Good to Be True?

Initially, the Sea-Doo Spark is perfect for a lot of recreation and playful riding on the sea, complete with tricks. However, it’s not the best jet ski to choose if you’re thinking of long-distance rides. You may push it through and find yourself stranded in the middle of the sea – something you’d definitely want to avoid.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the Sea-Doo Spark is made for limited seating only. It has more room to offer for one rider, but the max it can hold is 2 or maybe 3. Even sitting three adults with the 3up seating might feel uncomfortable for adults.

Should You Buy the Sea-Doo Spark?

If you’re a beginner at jet-skiing, then the answer would be yes. As of this writing, the Sea-Doo Spark is still renowned as the best beginner jet ski to go for. Unless, of course, you’re counting the Spark Trixx, which is just an upgrade of the original Sea-Doo Spark with a top speed of 50 mph or possibly 55mph.

Before, only those who are experienced with riding a jet ski can buy their own PWC and enjoy a good water sport or leisure time at sea. But the Sea-Doo Spark’s entrance into the scene made it possible, even for beginners, to enjoy playful riding and easily transition rookies to becoming pros with their more powerful GT and RX series.

For many years, Sea-Doo has been consistent with improving its jet skis, most especially its Spark line, making it one of the most popular choices in the PWC world today.

Which Sea-Doo Model Should You Go For?

sea doo spark speed

With many different models to choose from, it can be a difficult choice. The top speed alone is not good enough as your sole deciding factor. Choosing a PWC definitely takes more than speed, and it’s best to know the watercraft that fits your style and preferences.

To help you with that, we did a brief description of each model series and a few ideas to hint at which one might be the ideal watercraft for your needs.

Recreation Lite Series: the Sea-Doo Spark and the Spark Trixx

The 2018 Spark Trixx is the newest jet ski model from Sea-Doo. Powered by the most lightweight and compact Rotax engine, the Spark Trixx has a top speed of 50 to 55 mph compared to its predecessor, Spark, with just a top speed of 45 to 50 mph. It also features an advanced throttle system that is electronically operated for a more responsive ride that suits your style if you wish to go faster.

Recreation Series: GTI 90/130 and GTI SE 130/170

The Sea-Doo Recreation series is meant for the more serious water adventurer. It reaches faster top speeds than the Spark at around 60 mph. If you’re a fan of going fast and bumpy rides like a dolphin, this is the perfect PWC for you.

Touring Series: GTX Limited GTX 170/230 and 230/300

With more powerful engines, the Sea-Doo Touring series lives up to its name of covering more distance while you go at faster speeds. But unlike other watercraft, the GTX series allows you to enjoy a leisurely tour with all the comforts that a PWC can provide.

Tow Sports Series: Wake Pro 230 and Wake 170

If you or your friends enjoy surfing, wakeboarding, or skating on the water, the Sea-Doo Tow Sports series is for you. It comes equipped with tilt steering and removable wakeboards so your friends and family can have more fun in the water as you go at high speeds.

Performance Series: GTR 230, RXP-X 300 and RXT-X 300

The Sea-Doo Performance series is not really newbie-friendly – unless you’re just beginning to go professional with jet skiing. With more powerful engines that blast with speed on the water, the GTR, RXP, and RXT series will do well in racing tournaments. It would be best to choose this model if you are an experienced rider already.

Sport Fishing Series: Fish Pro

Fishing may not be everybody’s hobby, but if it’s yours, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro will not disappoint. The Fish Pro is the first of its own watercraft dedicated to fishing. It’s also factory-equipped for people who participate in recreational fishing all over the world. Compared to other Sea-Doo models, the Fish Pro is longer, more spacious, and is more stable to accommodate both fisher and fish on board.

Final Thoughts

Before we end, let’s have a short recap of the Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed.

The Sea-Doo Spark top speed is 50 mph.

The Spark Trixx is just an upgrade of the original Spark with a more advanced Rotax 900 H.O. ACE for better speed and quicker acceleration. At most, the Spark Trixx’s top speed is capped at 55 mph.

Several factors like fuel tank size, engine horsepower, water conditions, and even your weight can affect the top speed of your Sea-Doo watercraft.

Sea-Doo has so many models that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro watersport enthusiast or you’re into recreational or professional fishing. Sea-Doo has got your back, whatever your style for water recreation.

The Sea-Doo Spark remains to be the best water jet ski for beginners all around the globe, with the Spark Trixx next in line.