Mastercraft X-80 Specs and Review

Do not let its big size fool you. The Mastercraft X-80 is technically a competition-ready vessel that you can also use to entertain guests. Basically, it is a recreational yacht that will still perform well in races.

The Mastercraft X-80 combines raw power with comfort. Its twin V8 engines allow the X-80 to zoom on top of the water. And yet, it has all the creature comforts and space for the captain and 14 other guests. It is the perfect vessel for the type of person who likes to go fast but would not compromise comfort.

Read on to learn more about the modern classic, the Mastercraft X-80. And discover why so many boating aficionados are fawning over it.

About the Mastercraft X-80

Mastercraft X-80

The X-80 is a part of the X-series in the Mastercraft stable. These are the vessels with the refinement, comfort, and sophistication of yachts, combined with the unbridled power and performance of a speedboat. You are basically getting the best of both worlds.

The X-80 first came into the boat market way back in 2004. And at the time, they were the first twin-engine boats used in the watersport market. The X-80 and the rest of the boats in the X-series are among the best in the market.

They are manufactured by Mastercraft that tends to always come up with new and more innovative boats every year. It also seems that Mastercraft is not ready to slow down any time soon.

The X-80 is the largest in its series, coming in at around 28-feet long from bow to stern. It also features a 9-foot beam. To say that this boat is huge is an understatement. This craft is big enough for you to take your entire family with you onto the water. On the other hand, if you like open water parties, expect it to serve you well.

However, the X-80 is not just for cruising on the water at a sensible speed. Under this boat’s bonnet, you will find dual engines, with each one crank out 310 horsepower. This means that this large boat can shoot across the water like it’s nobody’s business. Acceleration is also top-notch. You can launch this boat from a standstill up to 30 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds.

But the Mastercraft X-80’s best asset by far is its capability to create large wakes. This makes it one of the top choices when you are fond of water skiing, wakeboarding, and a bunch of other fun watersports. It is the ultimate personal water sanctuary.

Mastercraft X-80 Specs and Features


The Mastercraft X-80 is the largest boat produced by the company. With a total length of more than 28 feet from bow to stern and a beam (width) of 9’6”, this is undoubtedly one of the biggest sports watercraft you will ever see.


The X-80 draws power from two huge Indmar RTP-1 engines – with each one having a displacement of 5.7L. Each can also produce up to 310 horsepower. Even though the X-80 is a large vessel, it does not have any issues cutting through the water at breakneck speeds. This is because it has so much horsepower hiding under the hood.


Connected to the huge dual engines of the Mastercraft X-80 are two 14-inch, counter-rotating, 4-bladed propellers to push this massive vessel through the water with ease.


The Mastercraft X-80 has a nicely padded, billet-aluminum wheel, which is comfortable to grasp and easy to turn. The throttle has a simple and easy-to-understand forward and reverses configuration.


A 500-pound capacity ballast comes standard with the X-80. It might not seem like much. But considering that the boat itself already weighs more than 6 tons and has the capacity to carry 15 people. 500 pounds is more than enough extra weight to allow the boat to create massive wakes while still going steady.


All the important information is on a touch screen LCD panel located above the steering wheel. On either side of the screen are two large tachometers for monitoring both engines. Underneath the wheel is an array of switches and buttons for controlling the different functions of the boat.

Passenger Capacity

The X-80 has a 15-passenger capacity, including the driver. This makes this the perfect vessel for family outings or a fun weekend on the water with a large group of friends. It can handle up to 2,300 pounds combined weight. The Mastercraft X-80 also has many deck spaces, numerous drink holders, and more than enough storage for everyone on board.

Fuel Capacity

You will not have any problems regarding running out of fuel in the middle of the water with the Mastercraft’s X-80’s 100-gallon tank. Fill the tank up, and you are set for a weekend’s worth of adventures on the water.


You can re-arrange the passenger seats’ configurations to either face forward whenever you want to get from point A to point B fast or face to the bow when you are just on a leisurely cruise. However, the best seats on the X-80 are undoubtedly the two lounge chairs located at the transom.

Stereo System

The Mastercraft X-80 comes stock with a Clarion satellite and digital radio and a 2.1 speaker system that produces crystal clear music. The presence of these features makes the boat perfect for parties or for just lounging around while drifting.

See the below video for a great Mastercraft X-80 review, including its specs and features:

Mastercraft X-80 Top Speed

Mastercraft X-80 specs

The Mastercraft X-80 has a stock top speed of 53 miles per hour at 5,100 RPMs at both engines. However, keep in mind that water conditions and wind will play a large part in the top speed. It means that you could have a favorable tailwind that can push your top speed up to 55 miles per hour.

If you were to get the Mastercraft X-80 option that comes with the twin Vortec HO 6000 6.0L, 385 horsepower engines, you could get a considerable boost in speed and acceleration. However, although it is still quite fast, the X-80 will lose in a race when pitted against any speedboat.

Yes, the X-80 is plenty fast for its size, but it is geared more towards leisure and water sports, which we will be discussing next.

The Ultimate Watersport Boat

The towers of the Mastercraft X-80 are more than just accessories. They work great for storing your gear and pulling on skiers and wakeboarders. These towers are also great mounting points for additional speakers of its audio system.

As mentioned earlier, you have a choice of two towers – one that folds manually while the other is purely electronic. The electronic tower option allows you to fold and raise the tower with just a push of a button, and it is truly cool to watch.

On the other hand, if you weren’t able to score the automatic option, the manual option is not a slouch either. To lower the tower, you need to loosen the two locks on either side.

However, the thing that makes the Mastercraft X-80 is the Autolaunch System. It is the feature that immediately causes the boat to plane on the water and cause massive wakes on the water. Unlike other boats that need to circle the water a couple of times to gain speed, the Autolaunch system uses surf devices that force the boat’s bow downward. It also forces it to plane almost immediately.

This means that the X-80 does not need to put unnecessary stress on the engine, which means you will not be burning quite as much fuel. You can have a lot of fun on the water without spending quite as much.

Sport-tuned but Suitable for All Skill Levels

As mentioned earlier, one of the main purposes of the X-80 is to churn out the best wakes in the industry. However, that does not mean that it is only for professional and experienced wakeboarders and skiers.

Before the X-80 went on sale on the market, it first needs to pass stringent athlete validation processes, including usability for all athletes of different skill levels. Unlike other boats, you can fine-tune the size and frequency of the wakes produced by the X-80 according to the capabilities of the ones who are riding them. You can gradually increase the wakes once you get the hang of it.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or an expert. You will be able to find enjoyment with the Mastercraft X-80.

Mastercraft X-80 Passenger Capacity and Amenities

The Mastercraft X-80 is the most massive boat in the X-series at more than 28-feet long and more than 9-feet at its widest point. It maximizes all that deck space to place 14 passenger seats – all of which are quite comfortable.

Also, you can change the configuration of the seats. You can choose to have all of them pointed toward the ship’s bow or have them pointed backward, so the passengers watch the wakeboarders dragged behind the boat.

Aside from the seats, there are also 17 separate drink holders spread across the deck of the X-80, so regardless of where you want to watch all the action from, you can be sure that you will always have someplace to stow your drink.

There is also a large, 48-quart built-in cooler with more than enough space for enough beverages to last an entire fun day of water activities. Speaking of the seats, the best ones are the two backward-facing lounge seats on the transom.

Not only are these seats extremely comfortable, but they also provide the best view whether the boat is just cruising on the surface or if there are wakeboarders towed behind the boat.

Mastercraft X-80 Pros and Cons

Mastercraft X-80 review


  • Extremely fuel-efficient – Thanks to Mastercraft’s patented Autolaunch system, the X-80 can immediately plane on the water without the need to gun the engines from a standstill. This means that the X-80 does not need to burn quite as much fuel as other boats.
  • Creates excellent wakes – The Autolaunch system does not only make the X-80 plane much quicker than other boats, but it also creates massively huge wakes that will make even the most hardcore water sports enthusiast blush. Also, athletes are dragged across the water at breakneck speeds, thanks to the boat’s twin engines.
  • Suitable for all skill levels – Now, just because the X-80 can produce waves that can satisfy the most hardcore athletes, that does not mean that beginners won’t have a good time with this craft. In fact, you can fine-tune the size and frequency of the wakes to make them easier for novices to manage.
  • More than enough space for parties – Although party boats can obviously handle more people, the 15-person capacity of the Mastercraft X-80 is nothing to scoff at. There are fourteen comfortable seats, including two lounge seats at the transom so that passengers can party in comfort and style.
  • More than enough storage for your needs – There are almost 80 cubic feet of storage. Most are under the 14 passenger seats, including the two transom loungers. Also, there is a 48-quart cooler that you can use to keep all your refreshments nice and cold. Whether you are having a small party or family day on the water, you will have enough space to carry all the things you need to have onboard.


  • The ballast could be a bit bigger – Although the boat and passengers’ weight should serve as enough ballast for the Mastercraft X-80. However, if there are only a couple of people on board, even with the ballast-filled to capacity, the size of the wakes produced by the vessel will not be quite as big.

Conclusion – Mastercraft X-80 Specs and Review

The Mastercraft X-80 provides a good combination of raw power and luxury. The twin V8s provide more than enough power for the boat to skim on top of the water, all while carrying 15 passengers. This is the perfect choice for the boater who likes to go fast and wants to enjoy the finer things in life.

However, aside from its size, it is also packed with extra features, such as the twin engines, minibar, optional fridge, and a whole lot more. Indeed, you’re getting the best of both worlds-speed and comfort!