Mantus Anchor Review – M1 and M2 Mantus Anchors

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Mantus anchors are built to last, easy to store, and designed to penetrate dense sea bottoms. In this article, I’ll explain what the Mantus anchor is and our recommendations for the best Mantus anchors.

The Mantus anchor is a high-performance, multipurpose new generation anchor. It is manufactured by Mantus Marine, a company that produces a variety of boat accessories. This anchor has been extensively tested and has proven itself by showing better performance against its competitors. It is also designed to set fast in grassy and very hard sea bottoms. 

Read on to learn more about the Mantus anchor, including Mantus anchor sizing and whether it is the right anchor for your boat.

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M1 Mantus Anchor Review

The two Mantus Anchors are the M1 Mantus and the M2 Mantus. We’ll review both. First, let’s look at the M1 Mantus anchor.

The M1 Mantus anchor is the best “digger” of all recreational boat anchors because its design can penetrate thick, grassy sea bottoms, regardless of how dense they are. It also sets very quickly, and its holding power is unmatched.

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Anchoring Capability

The capability of the Mantus anchor to perform all these functions was tested in real-life situations. These tests revealed that Mantus anchors set faster and can dig deeper than all other anchors, such as CQR, Bruce, Danforth, Fortress, Manson Supreme, Rocna, and Bulwagga.


Another attractive feature of the M1 anchor is that it is easy to store. It is a quick-set stowable anchor. You can easily break it down, so you won’t need an extra-large space to store it. In fact, you can even store another spare anchor of the same type without requiring additional storage space.

Materials Used

The M1 Mantus anchor is solidly built and is made from a high-quality steel plate without casted parts. Its shank and roll bar are both bolted to the fluke. The shank and shank boot are both welded from top to bottom.

The steel bolts used to join the parts have an ASTM certification. They are also oversized to give a large margin of safety. While four bolts attach the shank to the fluke, just one of these bolts has enough strength to handle the maximum load expected on the anchor.

Manufacturing Process

The Mantus anchor has a sharp-headed, precision-machined nose. This process is done on the anchor so that it can get the perfect chisel shape. With this process, the anchor can generate unparalleled penetrating power. The company is sure about the anchors’ durability and capability, so all of them have a lifetime warranty.

The M1 Mantus Anchor Galvanized has all the features that recreational boaters look in an anchor:

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This anchor offers the best setting power. It is also solidly built, easy to store, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, this M1 Mantus anchor has tremendous holding power and is designed to dig deep into grassy sea bottoms.

In these two categories, the M1 anchor has outmatched most of the popular anchor brands like Danforth, CQR, Rocna, and many others.

The M1 Mantus anchor will serve you well, whether you’re going out on a dry sail or going on a long cruise. It is made from a high-quality steel plate and does not have any cast iron parts. You can also easily break it down if you only have a small storage compartment. Every part and component of this anchor is hot-dipped galvanized to make it resistant to corrosion.

Mantus Anchor Vs Fortress Anchor

Is there any difference between a Mantus anchor and a Fortress anchor? Mantus anchors are different from Fortress anchors in many ways.

Way of Anchoring

One difference is the way they set at the sea bottom. While both are designed to be dragged at the sea bottom, Mantus is considerably more able to grab the seafloor than the Fortress.

In other words, the Mantus can set faster than the Fortress, given the same condition of sea bottoms. It will only take a few feet for the Mantus to take hold, while the Fortress needs a considerable dragging distance before its flukes can orient themselves into a penetrating position.


Another main difference is the design. The Mantus has a different basic design compared to the Fortress. There is only one main fluke in Mantus anchors, while there are two flukes in Fortress anchors. When deployed, the Fortress anchors will usually lay flat on the seabed. Also, it will only ‘bite’ the ground after being dragged for a good distance.

Mantus, on the other hand, will roll over right away (because of its half-ring component) and enable its fluke to bite the ground almost instantly. That is why the setting ability of the Mantus is definitely greater than the Fortress. Many boaters regard the Mantus as the best setting anchor in a wider range of sea bottoms.

Holding Power

Mantus anchors have superior holding power because of their design. Although the Fortress also has tremendous holding power, it’s not as great as those demonstrated by Mantus anchors.

M2 Mantus Anchor Review

The M2 Mantus anchor is another product of Mantus Marine. Like its sister, M1, this anchor is also made for heavy grass penetration. It is a fast setter and can provide superior holding power. The manufacturer claims that it sets “every time the first time.”


This anchor is very easy to store. So, you can depend on the M2 whether you are racing, in a long-range cruiser, or just out for a day of sail. These anchors are designed for use on boats with bowsprits and bow pulpits.


Some of these anchors have only one bolt that holds everything, while other anchors have a few bolts. In other words, they have quick assembly and disassembly. You can disassemble this anchor easily and store it in a small space. That means you can even take a spare with you, and it won’t take up much space.

Materials Used

These anchors are also made of high-quality steel plates with high-end precision casting. The bolts used are ASTM-certified and are oversized to give the anchor assembly a big margin of safety. These bolts are load-bearing, but only a fraction of the load is transferred to the bolts.

Some M2s are made of stainless steel, while others are made of carbon steel. The SS version features a 2205 Duplex shank and a 316L stainless steel fluke. The metal surface is further hardened by shot-peeling and then electro-polishing. Thus, the anchor is highly resistant to corrosion.

The carbon steel version has every component hot-dipped galvanized to increase their resistance to corrosion. Shanks of both anchor versions are made from HT ASTM 514 steel, while the flukes are made from mild steel A36. Moreover, the noses of these anchors are reinforced to guarantee a long service life.

The Mantus M2 Anchor Stainless Steel is guaranteed to set quickly every time. It has a modular design and displays a beautiful mirror finish. The anchor also has a stainless steel 2205 duplex shank.

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There is only one bolt used to assemble this anchor. This design feature facilitates easy assembly and disassembly. The single fluke is made of 316L stainless steel. Moreover, the fluke surface is hardened by shot-peening and then electro-polished to make it resistant to corrosion. The anchor’s nose is also reinforced so it could last longer.

M1 Vs M2 Mantus Anchors

What is the difference between the M1 and the M2 Mantus anchors? The main difference is the materials used in the anchors. All M1 Mantus anchors are made of high-grade stainless steel, while some models of the M2s are made of carbon steel.

Mantus Chain Swivel

Swivels play an important role in watercraft anchoring systems. They are used to attach the anchor to the chain. With this setup, the chain will not get twisted as the boat moves about in the anchorage.

They also help correct the anchor’s orientation into the bow roller as it is retrieved from the sea bottom. In boating circles, the swivel is regarded as the weakest link between the boat and the anchor.

Choosing a strong swivel is very important. The Mantus Chain Swivel is very durable and built stronger than its corresponding Grade 40 chain. It is the safest swivel you can find because of its integrated shackle design that completely eliminates side loading. 

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Moreover, this Mantus swivel is the first swivel with an oblong pin that maximizes pin strength. Thus, this swivel is the strongest link between your boat and the anchor.

Mantus Anchor Sizing

Here is a table that will give you relevant Mantus anchor sizing tips:

Anchor WeightDay Anchor for Winds Below 30 KnotsCruising Anchor for Winds Below 50 KnotsStorm Anchor for Winds Above 50 Knots
2.5 lbs.0 – 16 ft. < 1,000 lbs.  
8 lbs.16 – 20 ft. < 1,000 lbs.0 – 14 ft. < 1,000 lbs.0 – 12 ft. < 800 lbs.
13 lbs.20 – 25 ft. < 5,000 lbs.16 – 20 ft. < 5,000 lbs.16 – 20 ft. < 3,000 lbs.
17 lbs.25 – 30 ft. < 11,000 lbs.20 – 25 feet < 5,000 lbs.16 – 20 ft. <3 3,000 lbs.
25 lbs.30 – 35 ft. < 15,000 lbs.20 – 30 ft. < 11,000 lbs.20 -25 ft. < 5,000 lbs.
35 lbs.35 – 39 ft. < 20,000 lbs.30 – 35 ft. < 15,000 lbs.25 – 30 ft. < 11,000 lbs.

About Mantus Marine Anchors

Mantus Marine is a manufacturer of high-quality boat accessories. Their mission is to develop boat accessories that will make their customers’ time on the water not only enjoyable but also safer.

The approach of this company in producing these products involves practicality, durability, and affordability. This company is continuously looking for innovative ways to solve existing problems, aiming to improve performance, durability, and ease of use.

In the boating world, Mantus anchors are well known to set fast and deep. Many tests prove the capability of these anchors. Moreover, these anchors offer reliable holding power and can be disassembled for easy storage.

Boat Accessories by Mantus Marine

It would interest you to know that anchors are not the sole products of Mantus Marine. This company manufactures other boat accessories with the same high-quality materials, performance, reliability, and durability.

Mantus Marine also produces the following boat accessories:

1. Mooring Snap Shackle

Mantus makes mooring snap shackles. These shackles are designed to easily and securely attach a boat to a mooring ball. The process starts by simply loading the metal ring into the snap shackle or floating mooring line and then closing the gate so that the pin will snap close. Finally, you need to lock the pin for added safety.

2. Mantus Hook

Mantus also makes the M2 Chain Hook, a chain grabber that can securely latch on to the chain even when it is unloaded. This chain grabber makes the chain safer compared to conventional chain hooks that fall off very often.

3. Mantus Bridle

Mantus makes strong and durable bridles. These bridles are designed to absorb the shock load from waves and wind gusts.

Other boat accessories that Mantus Marine makes include the following:

  • Mantus bow rollers
  • Mantus anchor mates
  • Mantus head lamps
  • Mantus scuba
  • Mantus snap-on light

Conclusion – Mantus Anchor Review

So, to recap, the Mantus anchor is a high-performance, multipurpose new generation anchor. The maker of this anchor is Mantus Marine, a company that produces boat accessories. This anchor has been tested extensively as well.

It has proven itself by providing better performance than its competitors. This anchor is also designed to set in grassy and very hard sea bottoms. If you choose the Mantus anchor for your boat, you will never find your boat drifting away. It sets well on the seafloor and will give you greater peace of mind.

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