Intex Seahawk 3 Review and Specs

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Whether you’re rowing, fishing, or relaxing on the Lake, the Intex Seahawk 3 inflatable boat is a great choice. It comfortably fits three people and is built with safety in mind. In this article, I’ll give a full Intex Seahawk 3 review, with all of its specs and features.

The Intex Seahawk 3 is an inflatable boat that can accommodate three adults plus space for gear. It is made of durable and puncture-resistant PVC vinyl. It also comes with three air chambers that ensures your safety on the water. Perhaps most important of all, the Seahawk 3 is the most affordable boat in its class and size.

Read on to learn more about the Intex Seahawk 3, including all of its features and specs.

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Intex Seahawk 3 Review

The Intex Seahawk 3 is an ideal inflatable boat to own because of its durable and sturdy construction. It is also supplied with all the functional features that will enhance enjoyment on the water, either for fishing or just plain boating. This boat can comfortably seat three people as well. 

Intex Recreation Corp. manufactures the Intex Seahawk 3 inflatable boat. Yes, it is an entry-level boat, but it comes with features often seen in more expensive inflatable boats. Once you get it on the water and board it with two of your friends, you will surely experience fun and excitement.

But, water activities can only be fun when they are safe all the way. And safety is one of the main features of the Intex Seahawk 3. This inflatable boat has three air chambers: two on both hulls and one auxiliary on the floor. If ever one of these chambers fails, there are still two chambers left that can safely bring you to the shore. So, don’t worry about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere when using this boat.

This boat is also made of sturdy and durable 30 gauge PVC vinyl. The boat is puncture-resistant and can withstand UV rays as well. It is solidly built, so there’s no need to feel anxious in bringing it to a swamp with thick undergrowth.

complete review of intex seahawk 3

The Intex Seahawk 3 has a mounting kit at the stern or back of the boat to maximize your day of leisure. You can attach a trolling motor with 1.5 hp to 2 hp so that you won’t tire yourself paddling on the water. All you have to do is to steer the boat wherever you want to go.

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If you are into fishing, there’s a lot of fishing accessories that come with the package. This boat has two fishing rod holders and a fishing gear pouch. Also, there’s enough room in the cockpit to accommodate a cooler, fishing gear, and other supplies that you may want to bring with you.

Video Review of the Intex Seahawk 3

The below video review involves unboxing, inflating, and testing the Intex Seahawk 3 inflatable boat. At the beginning of his review, the reviewer checked out all the things contained in the box. He laid them out one by one on the ground. Next, he conducted his boat review on the shores of a big lake.

How to Inflate the Boat

He showed the high-output hand pump, the oars, the inflatable seats, and the folded boat itself. You will see what the boat looks like when it is taken out of the box. Then, he demonstrated how to fill the inflatable boat with air using the supplied hand pump connected to one of the boat’s Boston valves.

He also mentioned a check valve that prevents air from escaping while the boat is being inflated. The reviewer admitted that it took him and his partner some time before they figured out how to fill the boat with air through the Boston valves.

Testing the Boat on the Water

After the boat was inflated, his buddy named Mark got the boat on the water and began paddling on the lake. The reviewer observed that this boat is good for three people. But as it is, with all the gear, and his partner paddling the boat, he says, that’s pretty much it.

He also asked Mark if the boat is maneuverable, and Mark, a bit away from the camera, seemed to say that it is. The video showed that the boat was able to hold a lot of gear on the floor.

Intex Seahawk 3 Specs

The specifications of this inflatable boat are as follows:

  • Length – 9 ft. and 8 in.
  • Width – 4 ft. and 6 in.
  • Height – 1 ft. and 5 in.
  • Person Capacity – 3 people
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – 790 lbs.
  • Build – PVC, puncture-resistant
  • Package Dimensions – 16.65 in. x 12.13 in. x 24.45 in.
  • Package Weight – 33.30 lbs.

What Comes with the Intex Seahawk 3?

One box of the Intex Seahawk 3 contains several accessories designed to enhance passengers’ enjoyment while on board. These accessories are as follows:

  • Two Units, Aluminum Oars at 48 Inches Each – While they are not the greatest oars, they are quite useful for beginners to get them moving on the water.
  • One Unit, High-output Hand Pump – This hand pump enables faster inflation because it puts air in whether the pump is pulled in or pulled out.
  • Small Gear Pouch – This accessory is attached to the side of the boat. It is useful for storing car keys, wallets, phones, and anything that should not be exposed to water.
  • Repair Kit – This kit contains repair patches should you have an accidental puncture on the boat.
  • Two Units Boston Valves – The valves enable the instantaneous filling of the boat with air, including fast deflation.

Key Features and Benefits of the Seahawk 3

The Intex Seahawk 3 has many beneficial features, making it an excellent entry-level boat. However, some of its features are more useful than others.

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These notable features are the following:

  • Sturdy Material Construction – This inflatable boat is made of tough 30 gauge PVC vinyl, which is UV- and puncture-resistant.
  • 3 Separate Air Chambers – There are two air chambers on both sides of the boat and another auxiliary air chamber on the floor. So, if one of these chambers fails, the other two will enable you to paddle the boat to shore.
  • Boston Valves – There are two of these valves in the Seahawk 3 boat. They’re actually a type of check valves that prevent air from escaping while the boat is being inflated.
  • I-beam Floor – It’s an inflatable floor that enhances the rigidity and stability of the boat.
  • Rotational Oar Locks – There are four rotational oar locks in the boat. They are welded and locked, making rowing or paddling easier and more convenient.
  • Fishing Rod Holders – There are two rod holders in this inflatable boat.
  • Grab Handle – This part is located at the boat’s bow. You can use it to carry the boat to and from the water conveniently.
  • Small Storage Space – When this boat is folded up, it only requires minimal storage space. It can also easily fit in the trunk of a car with plenty of room to spare.

Here is a list of all the things that you can find in the Intex Seahawk 3 inflatable boat:

  • Two pairs of welded oar locks (two on each side)
  • Oar holders on both sides of the boat
  • Two French oars at 48 inches each
  • Rugged vinyl construction, made of 30 gauge PVC vinyl
  • All-around grab line
  • Heavy-duty grab handle (attached on the bow)
  • Two fishing rod holders
  • Three air chambers (two on the sides of the boat and an auxiliary chamber inside the main hull). This auxiliary chamber is enough to support the passengers.
  • Inflatable cushions
  • Inflatable I-beam floor (improves the stability of the boat and comfort of the passengers)
  • One unit, high-output hand pump (for easier and faster inflating and deflating of the boat)
  • Motor mounting fittings
  • One gear pouch (for small items that must be protected from the water)
  • TUV approved
  • U.S. Coast Guard ID with NMMA certification
  • Inflated dimensions at 9 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft. 6 in. x 1 ft. 5 in.
  • 790 lbs. (maximum weight capacity)
review and specs of intex seahawk 3

Trolling Motor for the Intex Seahawk 3

If you don’t want to exert yourself paddling, you can mount a trolling motor to the Intex Seahawk 3. There is a motor mounting kit on the stern of the boat. You can attach a 1.5 hp to 2 hp trolling motor on this platform.

It won’t get you very fast, but a trolling motor should get you moving on the water at a leisurely speed of 5 mph. This speed is enough for you to get to places you want to go without breaking your arm and back paddling back and forth.

Intex Seahawk 4

You can get a bigger Seahawk boat with ample space for more people if you can spare a bit of extra money. For a few more dollars, you can get the Intex Seahawk 4. This particular inflatable boat will let you add one more passenger and extra gear.

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It can accommodate four people with a maximum capacity of 1,050 lbs. instead of the 790 lbs. of the Seahawk 3. There is a motor mounting kit at the stern of the boat as well. The Seahawk 4 is also longer by about two feet and measures 11 ft. 6 in. x 4 ft. 9 in. x 1 ft. 7 in.

The Seahawk 4 is of the same build and material construction as the Seahawk 3. Thus, this inflatable boat is both UV- and puncture-resistant too. There are inflatable cushions included in the package and three air chambers for extra safety. It’s also approved and certified by the USCG with a corresponding ID.

About Intex

Intex Recreation Corp. is the company that manufactures the Intex Seahawk 3. For four decades, Intex has been helping people to have more fun and excitement on the water. They have been building above ground pools, airbeds, pool toys, pool accessories, and many items focused on indoor and outdoor recreation.

Intex is a brand name that is respected around the world and has a business network that spans many nations. The company maintains several offices in different places and countries, including:

  • Long Beach, CA, USA
  • Beaufort, France
  • Praha, Czech Republic
  • Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • Roosendaal, the Netherlands

All products that are being marketed by Intex have undergone rigid testing and quality control. Thus, customers are assured that these products are built to last long as they are made with high-quality standards and materials. These products are also the most affordable in the market.

While the company strives to make high-quality products, it advises its customers to read the product manuals before using the items. In this way, the company can prevent accidents or the misuse and abuse of their products.

Conclusion – Intex Seahawk 3 Review and Specs

So, to recap, the Intex Seahawk 3 is an inflatable boat that can comfortably seat three adults. While it is an entry-level boat, it comes with several accessories that will make your day on the water fun and exciting. 

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It is made of puncture-resistant and UV-resistant PVC vinyl. Three air chambers are also present in this boat to ensure your safety on the water. Also, this Intex Seahawk 3 review found out that it’s the most affordable boat of its class and size.

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