Coleman Scanoe Specs and Review

The Coleman Scanoe is a remarkably small, versatile, and durable boat that was first built in the 1980s. In this article, I’ll describe the Coleman Scanoe, including its key specs and features.

The Coleman Scanoe is a cross of a canoe and a skiff. It is a small boat but wider than a traditional canoe. There is a square back, which provides space for the addition of a trolling motor. It is portable, fast, and versatile but hard to find since Coleman no longer makes it today. 

Read on to learn more about the Coleman Scanoe, including its history, specs, and features.

About the Coleman Scanoe

coleman scanoe

It was in the 1980s when Coleman started manufacturing the Scanoe. They were also making other small boats, including pontoons, canoes, and Jon boats. In 2001, however, Coleman sold the Scanoe brand to Pelican. For a time, Pelican also made their versions of the Scanoe but eventually stopped. 

With the Scanoe, you will enjoy a skiff and a canoe in a compact boat. More than being versatile, it is also simple and lightweight. Even if you are a beginner, it’s easy to steer and control this boat. The Scanoe has a flat back (transom) designed for a trolling motor if you want. With a trolling motor, the Scanoe is excellent for fishing trips.

Here is a quick summary of what you can expect from the 16-foot Coleman Scanoe:

Length 16’3″ 
Weight 130 pounds 
Beam 43 inches 
Maximum Capacity 950 pounds 
Cargo Space 53 cubic feet 
Hull Design Tri-Keeled 
Hull MaterialRam-X 
CapacityTwo people 
Motor MountReinforced anodized aluminum
Rod Holders Four 

Where to Buy the Coleman Scanoe 

Unfortunately, both Coleman and Pelican are no longer selling the Scanoe on their official websites. Elsewhere online, it is also difficult to find. Chances are, you won’t find any today. You can check Craigslist and similar listings. If you are lucky, you might find one and experience the Scanoe. 

Coleman Scanoe Specs and Review (Scanoe DLX) 

Below is a quick look at the specs sheet of a 16-foot Scanoe (Coleman Scanoe DLX):

1. Length 

The longer a canoe, the easier it is to stay in the water and the more gear it will hold. Meanwhile, the smaller it is, the lighter the boat will be and the easier it is to maneuver. The Scanoe DLX is 16-foot and three inches long. Although, we also find 15-foot models available online. 

2. Weight

A polyethylene canoe weighs 50 pounds on average. On the other hand, an aluminum canoe weighs 60 to 75 pounds. Meanwhile, an average 16-foot skiff weighs 163 pounds. The Coleman Scanoe is a hybrid of the two and weighs 130 pounds. It is lightweight enough for maneuverability but heavy to support the weight of the rider and cargo. 

3. Beam

This is the widest part of the canoe. The Coleman Scanoe has a width of 43 inches. This is an important measurement for speed and stability. With the optima design of the Scanoe, expect it to be fast and steady, especially in calm waters.

4. Maximum Capacity 

The maximum weight that a Coleman Scanoe supports is 950 pounds. Despite the compact body, it can support a lot of weight. This means that you can bring more in the water without worrying that the boat will sink. 

5. Cargo Space 

No need to worry that you will run out of cargo space with the Coleman Scanoe. It has up to 53 cubic feet for your stuff. This may not be much, but considering that the Scanoe is a small boat, this size is more than enough for most users. 

6. Hull Design 

One of the most important parts of the boat is the hull, making it stable in different water conditions. The Coleman Scanoe has triple keels. The keel makes the boat stiffer. By adding stiffness to the boat, it will be more stable. 

7. Hull Material 

The Coleman Scanoe uses RAM-X in its hull, which is proprietary material. It is a kind of single-layer polyethylene. The material is durable but heavy. Nonetheless, be careful with its storage to prevent damage to the material. Improper handling can result in premature wear. 

8. Capacity 

Two people can fit comfortably in a Coleman Scanoe. Even with two persons occupying the small boat, there is still enough space to move around. Plus, it has generous space for your cargo. 

9. Motor Mount 

This small boat comes with an anodized aluminum mount for the transom motor. With the reinforced construction, expect it to be tough to withstand the test of time. Despite being durable, it does not add significant weight to the boat. 

10. Rod Holders 

If you plan to use the Coleman Scanoe for fishing, you will love how it has four built-in rod holders. Your fishing rods don’t have to be scattered all over the boat. Instead, you can organize them in a single space to make the boat more comfortable.

The below video is a great Coleman Scanoe review, which also includes how to modify it:

Pros and Cons of the Coleman Scanoe 


Is the Coleman Scanoe the right small boat for you? Let’s break down the pros and cons to help you decide:

Scanoe Pros

  • Versatile Design: Offering a combination of a canoe and skiff in a small boat, the Scanoe is versatile. You can use it in different water conditions, but we recommend limiting its use to calm waters. 
  • Option to Add a Trolling Motor: You can install a trolling motor in a Scanoe. At the back, you will find an aluminum mount that perfectly fits a trolling motor. This will make it easier to propel the boat. 
  • Comfortable: No need to worry about your comfort. The Scanoe has ergonomic seats. Plus, you will find mold-in knee cavities. It also has enough space for two people for easy paddling. 
  • Durable: It uses durable polyethylene, which is thick enough to withstand abuse. The small boat also has triple keels for hull reinforcement. 
  • Stable: With double ribs as the lining, this boat offers exceptional stability. You can stand easily, even on the water. 
  • Easy to Track: The size and weight will make the boat effortless to track, especially for beginners. Even in narrow spaces, navigating with this small boat is a breeze. 
  • Maintenance-Free Hull: With the design and material of the boat’s hull, you don’t need to do much for its care and maintenance. 

Scanoe Cons

  • A Bit Heavy: While it is a bit lighter than a traditional canoe, some people might still find it quite heavy.
  • Hard to Find: Since Coleman no longer Scanoe, it is hard to find. It is no longer sold on official store platforms. You will have to settle with second-hand units, which you can find from online sellers. 

Alternatives to a Coleman Scanoe 

If you are looking for a hybrid small boat, here are other options that are worth considering. Since it is difficult to find a Scanoe these days, you might want to try these products instead:

Pelican Bayou 160 

Pelican is the brand that bought the Scanoe brand from Coleman. They have also tried their hand in making a hybrid canoe, such as the Bayou 160. From boat fishing to recreational paddling, this is a great option. 

Like the Scanoe, the Bayou 160 comes with a square back, which is a provision for a transom motor. The built-in mount makes it easy to add your motor of choice. This way, it is easier to maneuver the boat, especially if you hate paddling. 

It weighs 117 pounds, which is a bit lighter than the Scanoe. The maximum weight capacity is the same at 950 pounds. Despite having an almost similar size and a lighter weight, the Bayou 160 will comfortably fit up to three people in its spacious platform. 

In terms of construction, it shares more similarities with the Scanoe. It also uses RAM-X, a proprietary polyethylene. Even if it has just a single layer of plastic, it is tough. The Bayou 160 also has a triple keel design in its hull for durability and stability. 

Pelican 15.5 

Another model from Pelican offers the perfect balance between maneuverability and tracking. If you want to ride solo or with a partner, this canoe is spacious. It has a length of 15’7” and a width of 37.5 inches. Meanwhile, it weighs 81 pounds. 

This hybrid canoe can fit three people and will have a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds. It is a bit smaller than the Scanoe, which can support up to 950 pounds. 

As for the material, it is also made of RAM-X. It has great impact resistance, so you can expect it to remain functional after many years of use. Even after impact, the material will regain its natural shape. 

Old Town Discovery Sport 15 

16-foot scanoe

While it might look like a traditional canoe, it offers more. Like the Coleman Scanoe, this model also comes with a square stern. It has the space that you will need for equipping the canoe with a motor up to 4HP. This is good if you want a canoe that you don’t have to paddle manually. 

With a capacity of up to 1,650 pounds, this is bigger than the Scanoe. On the other hand, if there is a motor, its capacity is not more than 800 pounds. It follows the regulations of the U.S. Coast Guard. 

It is made of three-layer polyethylene, so durability is not a thing to worry about. It also has vinyl gunwales and nylon web seats. 

Towee Calusa 

For those who prefer an actual skiff instead of a combination of a canoe and a skiff, this is an excellent product. This crossover skiff floats easily, even in shallow waters. It has excellent stability and rows quietly. 

Among others, one of the most notable features of this skiff is the durable but lightweight hull. It is hand-built using exclusive fiberglass. Every Towee boat results from excellent craftsmanship, so you can be confident that the quality is second to none. 

The stability of this skiff is also commendable. From the material to the design, many things ensure that it remains stable in different water conditions. Even if three adults are riding the skiff, it stays steady. 

More than being easier to find, one thing that makes the Calusa better than the Scanoe is the inclusion of a full wiring package. It has marine-grade wires with high-quality insulation. There is also an option to order a skiff without the wires. 

Lastly, it has deep strays for convenient rod storage. This is a great alternative to the conventional gunnel-type storage that you will find in other skiffs. 

Conclusion – Coleman Scanoe Review 

The Coleman Scanoe is a hybrid of a skiff and a canoe. It is a small boat with a body that is slightly wider than a canoe. There is also a flat back, which provides space for a trolling motor. Below are some of the specs and features:

ParametersColeman Scanoe 
Length 16’3″ 
Weight 130 pounds 
Beam 43 inches 
Maximum Capacity 950 pounds 
Cargo Space 53 cubic feet 
Hull Design Tri-Keeled 
Hull MaterialRam-X 
CapacityTwo people 
Motor MountReinforced anodized aluminum
Rod Holders Four 

We love the Coleman Scanoe because it is versatile, durable, comfortable, and user-friendly. Even for novices, using this small boat is easy. Nonetheless, some people might find it quite heavy. 

Thinking of buying a Coleman Scanoe? Sadly, the manufacturer has long discontinued its production. It is no longer available on their official websites and stores. If you are lucky, you can still find it online, such as on Craigslist. 

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