Chops Grille and Giovanni’s Table Royal Caribbean Menu

Excited to go on a cruise but keep worrying about where to get good food at sea? No need to worry because Chops Grille and Giovanni’s Table Restaurants on the Royal Caribbean Cruise has everything you need. For over a decade, these restaurants have been serving the highest quality food on the sea.

Chops Grille offers the finest quality hand-cut steaks. Giovanni’s Table offers a wide variety of family-style Italian dishes.

Chops Grill can be found on all ships of the Royal Caribbean fleet except Adventure of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas. They pride themselves on presenting the most intriguing, dry-aged steak at sea. They are the first to offer four-week dry-aged steak at sea. This flavorful steak can be perfectly paired with Maine lobster, grilled branzino, veal parmesan, more tasty side dishes, and desserts.

They also serve a variety of lamb, fish, pork, and chicken entrees. So, whatever you’re craving for, the Chops Grille is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Read on to learn more about the Chops Grille Royal Caribbean menu and the Giovanni’s Table menu, as well as info about the restaurants and their ambiance.

Chops Grille Royal Caribbean: The New American Steakhouse

chops grille the new american menu

The Ambiance

Chops Grille prides itself on not only serving the tastiest dry-aged steaks but ambiance as well. The restaurant is paved with dark wood for a sophisticated feel with jewel-toned carpeting for accents. The restaurant has a strict smart-casual dress code adding a refined touch to the atmosphere. Waiters enhance the experience by providing you with top-notch customer service.

Located on deck six near the Schooner Bar makes it easy to find. Tables fill the area and are perfectly lined, set, and ready for you. There are also booths along the sides for a more romantic or private dining experience.

Some Chops Grille restaurants on other Royal Caribbean Cruises include an elongated open kitchen for your viewing pleasures. Red velvet and white leather seating welcome you as you enter these restaurants. The room is well-lit and perfectly accentuated with white tablecloths and clear glassware.

It’s definitely a classic yet somehow modern American steakhouse. There are frosted glass dividers to give everyone privacy. Diners enjoy the ambiance, and at the same time, savor mouth-watering food.

The Menu

Whether you are craving for traditional American cocktails, seafood, steaks, or want to surprise your taste buds, Chops Grille has it all. Dining at Chops Grille is a feast for your stomach, an explosion for your senses, and an adventure for your taste buds.

On the Chops Grille Royal Caribbean Menu, you will find both lunch and dinner. Their dishes are to die for! As one of the oldest specialty restaurants on-board the Royal Caribbean ships, they offer a wide range of appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts. And if you are hesitant to order one of the entrees, fearing that it might taste overbearing, no need to worry because the chefs at Chops make sure that their food is perfectly seasoned to enhance the dish’s natural taste.

Once you have been seated, your waiter will set a loaf of bread with two spreads to enjoy while you wait. Entrees and appetizers are served individually, but they offer family-sized sides. Take note of the serving sizes to avoid overordering.

Soups and Salads

  • THE KING CAESAR is a refreshing mix of Romaine, Reggiano cheese, and a special Caesar dressing.
  • FOREST MUSHROOM SOUP is a Chops classic that is infused with scented white truffle oil.
  • CRISPY GOAT CHEESE SALAD has warm goat cheese, green apple slices, candied walnuts, cranberries, and dressed with a generous amount of balsamic vinegar.
  • MESCLUN SALAD has a light balsamic dressing that is sure to cleanse your palette.
  • THREE CHEESE ROASTED ONION SOUP is an enticing bowl of melted Gruyere, Asiago, and Parmesan cheeses. Who could resist?

Signature Appetizers

  • COLOSSAL SHRIMP COCKTAIL is garnished with horseradish cocktail sauce, and a squeeze of lemon.
  • PAN-ROASTED JUMBO SCALLOPS has a hefty mixture of bacon, onion, apple, and hot mustard jus.
  • CHARRED BEEF CARPACCIO is made up of rare charred beef, Parmesan cheese, shaved asparagus, and truffle mustard dressing.
  • DUNGENESS CRAB AND SHRIMP CAKE dressed with their signature Rémoulade sauce.
  • GRILLED BLACK PEPPER BACON are slow-cooked Berkshire pork, topped with a sweet and spicy glaze.

Meats and Poultry Selections

All steaks come with the famous Chops steak sauces: the Béarnaise, au Poivre, and Bordelaise.

Chops Grille Classics

  • SLOW-BRAISED SHORT RIB OF BEEF drizzled with Bordelaise sauce for a sweet, tangy taste.
  • GRILLED VEAL CHOP topped with Parmesan herb butter.
  • ROASTED ORGANIC CHICKEN BREAST is dressed and garnished with truffle chicken jus.

Seafood Selections

  • GRILLED BRANZINO covered in garlicky spinach, olive oil, lemon, and flaky sea salt.
  • SPICY JUMBO SHRIMP drizzled with creamy lemon, basil, and garlic butter sauce.
  • EVERYTHING CRUSTED TUNA has sesame, bok choy, peanut, and Asian aromatic sauce.

Specialty Selections

Its specialty selections are made from two of the finest quality cuts of steak. They are hand-selected USDA prime beef from Iowa and Nebraska. These steaks are aged in climate-controlled rooms for four weeks for maximum flavor and tenderness.

  • THE DRY-AGED NY STRIP STEAK 16oz* $18 Charbroiled and butter-basted.
  • DRY-AGED PORTERHOUSE STEAK 20oz* $19 Slow-roasted with fresh garlic and herb.
  • ROASTED 1 ¼ – 1 ½ LBS. MAINE LOBSTER $21 Fresh lemon and drawn butter.

Sides (in Shareable Portions)

  • Gruyère Cheese Tater Tots
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Grilled Jumbo Asparagus
  • Roasted Mushrooms
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Truffle French Fries
  • Truffle Corn
  • Sautéed Spinach
  • Salted Baked Potato


  • MISSISSIPPI MUD PIE with an Oreo cookie crumb, chocolate, and almonds.
  • LIQUID CENTER CHOCOLATE CAKE vanilla ice cream, with berry compote.
  • RED VELVET CAKE a tasty homemade cake with sweet cream cheese frosting.
  • NEW YORK CHEESECAKE sprinkled with lemon confit and fresh raspberries.
  • WARM APPLE PIE À LA MODE  salted caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream.

Coffee $8

  • THE TRUFFLE made with Frangelico, Stolichnaya vodka, and cold espresso.
  • HAUTE & STEAMY a mix of Absolut Vanilia vodka, Creme de Cacao Dark Coffee, and whipped cream with caramel sauce drizzle.
  • BAVARIAN COFFEE a blend of peppermint Schnapps, Kahlúa, coffee, and topped with whipped cream.

Chops Grille Versus Giovanni’s Table

Exciting grandeur of dishes is served only at Royal Caribbean’s Chops Grille. However, if you are looking for another great, competent place to dine in on a cruise, Giovanni’s Table is the best match.

What they serve at Giovanni’s Table might be familiar to you, but the taste from a family-style Italian cuisine will surely intrigue your taste buds. From the good old pasta topped with cradling sauce to freshly baked bread dipped in natural oils – Giovanni’s Table is the place for you.

Giovanni’s Table: The Home-Style Tuscan Trattoria

giovannis table royal caribbean menu

The Ambiance

The exciting factor that contrasts Giovanni’s Table against Chops Grille is that Giovanni’s Table serves family-style dishes, which, if not fresh, are made from scratch Tuscan cuisine. The elegance of tastes and calming mood will put you in the heart of Italy. Tuscan touches profoundly inspire the ambiance at Giovanni’s Table. Dimmed lights, stone walls, and several countryside paintings will mark your cruise as an excellent trattoria experience.

Visit the Italian trattoria at the 4th level of Voyager of the Seas. Giovanni’s Table will welcome your cravings with a contemporary and classy vibe. Some ships even offer sea views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Menu

If you want a menu that will hit you home, Giovanni’s Table is the right venue for you. Although the lunch menu is slightly smaller than other restaurants in the Royal Caribbean, the list in the casual Italian trattoria offers stews, soups, braised meat dishes, and of course, fresh pasta.

Reservations are recommended in Giovanni’s Table due to the demand for their heart-warming dishes. Giovanni’s Table offers a five-course dinner menu in family-sized portions. The menu is subject to change by ship and itinerary.

Appetizers and Light Salads

  • FOCACCIA DELLA CASA is an Italian flatbread with potatoes, herbs, marinated artichokes, olives, and pesto.
  • FRITTURA MISTA PER DUE is a mash-up of fried shrimp, calamari, fish fillets, and zucchini with aioli.
  • ANTIPASTI PER DUE is two kinds of Italian salami, prosciutto, marinated anchovies, grilled artichokes, roasted peppers, zucchini, olives, and Gambonzola cheese.
  • INSALATA CAPRESE PER DUE is a salad of vine ripe tomatoes and bocconcini mozzarella for two.
  • FOCACCIE ALLA GIOVANNI is Italian flatbreads – Giovanni’s Table style for two with a choice of Margherita; mushroom and prosciutto; arugula and Parmesan shavings.
  • INSALATA DI RUGHETTA E BRESAOLA is an Italian cured beef, arugula, and Parmesan shavings.
  • MELANZANE ALLA PARMIGIANA is a baked eggplant parmigiana Italian style.
  • INSALATA ALLA CESARE is a Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing and herb croutons.
  • MOZZARELLA IN CARROZZA ALLA GIOVANNI is a warm mozzarella and prosciutto bake, crispy ciabatta, mixed greens, and Dijon mustard drizzle.
  • CAPESANTE AL FORNO is an oven-baked almond-crusted scallop with red bell pepper pesto.

Heart-warming Soups

  • ZUPPA DI LENTICCHIE ALLA CONTADINA is a vegetarian lentil and root vegetable soup finished with egg pasta.
  • CIOPPINO CON PESCE MISTO is a fennel scented seafood-tomato stew and a garlic-herb crostini.

Favorite Pasta

  • GNOCCHI DI PATATE CON CREMA AL GORGONZOLA O SUGO D’AGNELLO is potato gnocchi tossed in light blue cheese sauce or thyme-scented baby lamb and root vegetable sauce (also available for two).
  • PAPPARDELLE ALLA CREMA DI RADICCHIO E PANCETTA is a pappardelle pasta in a radicchio cream and pancetta.
  • RISOTTO AI FUNGI TRIFOLATI is a traditional risotto made of Arborio rice and forest mushrooms, finished with porcini and truffle mushroom tapenade.
  • LASAGNA TRADIZIONALE AL SUGO DI CARNE is a traditional meat lasagna.
  • TAGLIERINI AI POMODORINI, CALAMARI, CAPESANTE E PESTO is a taglierini pasta tossed with cherry tomatoes, calamari, bay scallops and pesto.
  • PENNE AL BRANDY, CREMA DI GAMBERETTI E SALMONE is penne pasta, baby shrimp, and smoked salmon in a brandy sauce.
  • CRESPELLE DI RICOTTA E SPINACI is baked ricotta and spinach crepes served with your choice of Pomodoro sauce or with Bolognese sauce.
  • RAVIOLI DI POLPA DI GRANCHIO is a Maryland crab ravioli with sweet corn and crab meat sauce.

Complete Entrees

  • BISTECCA DI MANZO ALLA GRIGLIA, PATATE FRITTE ALL’OLIO DI TARTUFO, SALSA AL BAROLO O BURRO DI GORGONZOLA are 8 ounces grilled strip loin steak, truffle oil fries, Barolo reduction or Gorgonzola butter.
  • FILETTO DI POLLO RIPIENO DI RICOTTA E FUNGHI, SALSA ALLA SALVIA E CHARDONNAY is a chicken breast filled with ricotta and mushroom, wrapped in prosciutto, and served with Chardonnay-sage sauce.
  • GAMBERONI AL FORNO, PATATE AGLIATE, ASPARAGI E ZUCCHINI are baked jumbo shrimp, garlic tossed potatoes, baby zucchini, and asparagus.
  • POLPETTE ALLA ROMANA is a milk-fed veal meatball in a creamy Roman tomato-herb sauce.
  • FILETTI DI SOGLIOLA ALLA MUGNAIA are sole fillets in a lemon butter sauce, sautéed garlic zucchini spaghetti and onion braised potatoes.
  • COSTOLETTE DI AGNELLO ALLE ERBE is grilled lamb chops, baby vegetable caponata, sautéed spinach, and Merlot reduction.
  • FILETTO DI MANZO ALLA GRIGLIA, PATATE FRITTE ALL’OLIO AGLIATO, SALSA AL BAROLO O BURRO DI GORGONZOLA are 8 ounces of grilled beef tenderloin, served with garlic fries, and your choice of Barolo reduction or Gorgonzola butter.
  • OSSOBUCO ALLA PIEMONTESE is veal ossobuco au jus with tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese polenta, and sautéed green beans.
  • FILETTI DI SOGLIOLA is a pan-seared sole fillet over parmesan roasted potatoes, with sautéed artichokes, green olive tapenade, and red bell pepper beurre blanc.
  • FAGOTITINI DI VITELLA RIPIENI AI FUNGHI PORCINI, PROVOLONE E PROSCIUTTO COTTO, SALSA AL TARTUFO NERO are veal tenderloin parcels filled with porcini mushrooms, provolone cheese and ham, with sautéed asparagus, black truffle sauce, and veal jus.

Whatever mood you are in, Chops Grille or Giovanni’s Table on Royal Caribbean Cruises has you covered. Dine with an empty stomach to fully immerse yourself in the taste journey Chops is celebrated for.

Royal Caribbean Cruises gives you a variety of options perfect for casual diners and food enthusiasts alike. I have been on two Royal Caribbean cruises in my life and have tried both restaurants. They are both amazing and will make the whole cruise experience one to remember.

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