Box Anchor – Slide Anchor’s Box Anchor Review

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A good anchor will make your boating and fishing trips easier, safer, and more enjoyable overall. One popular and great value anchor that does just this is Slide Anchor’s Box Anchor.

Slide Anchor is the company that makes the easy, compact, and effective Box Anchor. This company patented the anchor’s modified design.

With its innovative design, the Box Anchor can hold your boat at a 45-degree angle from the sea bottom. It can also dig with its downward-facing flukes deeply into the seafloor without snagging on debris.

There are a lot more attractive features that this particular anchor has to offer. Read on to learn more about the Slide Anchor Box Anchor, including all of its features and specs.

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Box Anchor – Slide Anchor’s Box Anchor Review

This anchor has a state-of-the-art design that propels it ahead of its competitors. It has a patented design that enables you to have more control over your boat’s placement, no matter what the anchoring conditions are.

Box Anchor Features

You also don’t need to connect this anchor to a chain for it to work. Yes, it requires a line, but only a fraction of it is used compared to a conventional Danforth anchor. Thus, this anchor will be easier for you to handle than other types of anchors.

Plus, there’s one thing that you will like about this anchor. It will enable you to hold your boat at a 45° angle from the seafloor. Its downward-facing flukes can dig deeper into the sea bottom without snagging themselves permanently against any debris.

When It’s Time to Break out the Anchor

That’s not a problem with this specially designed anchor. Just pull the anchor’s line up. This action will bring the boat over the top of the anchor. The anchor will break out from whatever it is holding onto at the bottom.

Moreover, no part of this anchor is upward facing. So when you pull up the line, the anchor will pop out directly from the bottom. The same result will happen even if there is a change in the wind or current.

So turn the engine off, toss the Box Anchor over, and enjoy your time on the water. This anchor will do all the work for you. When you toss the anchor overboard, it will hit the bottom. It will then roll over on its side and will set within one foot of where it dropped.

Use and Functionality

The Slide Anchor Box Anchor is designed to work with nearly all types of boat sizes.

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You can use it in small PWCs to cruisers and large houseboats. It can be used in boats that reach up to 70 feet long, too. This anchor does not need any mechanical power to drop it down the bottom, eliminating the usual “power down” process of most boat anchoring systems.

It falls flat for easy storage and can set no matter what the bottom conditions are. This anchor only uses half the amount of line that most conventional anchors use.

It can also reset itself in response to the changes in current, wind, and weather. Most boaters look for these qualities in anchors that they will use.

Available Sizes

This Slide Anchor Box Anchor is available in four sizes:

  1. Baby Box Anchor – For use in personal watercraft or PWC. It weighs 14 pounds and measures 18 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 4.5 inches high.
  2. Small Box Anchor – For use in offshore/sports boats with lengths of 18 to 30 feet and cabin cruisers that reaches up to 24 feet long. It weighs 21 lbs. and measures 22 inches long, 8.5 inches wide, and 5 inches high.
  3. Large Box Anchor – For offshore/sports boats up to 40 feet long and cabin cruisers up to 32 feet long. It weighs 26 lbs. and measures 25 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and 6.5 inches high.
  4. Extra-large Box Anchor – For houseboats and cruisers more than 32 feet. It weighs 40 lbs. and measures 30 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 6.5 inches high.

Box Anchor Reviews

To get a real-world outlook on this box anchor, let us read what boaters say about this uniquely designed anchor.

1st Review

In one Box Anchor review, a reviewer stated the following points for the large anchor that weighs 26 pounds:

  • The anchor works best in waters with rocky or muddy bottoms because they offer a more firm placement that easily holds the boat. Just cut off the engine power and toss it overboard. The foot-long flukes will readily latch into position and anchor the boat firmly.
  • This anchor does not have the usual top frame designed for easy retrieval. But, pulling the line to get the boat over the anchor will unlatch itself from whatever it has hooked on at the bottom.
  • Wind changes direction all the time. When this happens, the wind will push the boat over the anchor. The Slide Box Anchor will get unhooked at the bottom. As the boat sails over the anchor’s top, the anchor will reset itself into another docking position. It does this by turning itself on its opposite side, enabling it to latch in the new direction securely.
  • This anchor can be folded flat. That means you don’t need ample space to store it.
  • It has a ventilated storing bag. To fit the anchor in this bag, you need to unhook the stabilizing arm.
  • The anchor is resistant to corrosion because it is made of galvanized steel.
  • This anchor does not need a chain to work.
  • It is strongly built.

2nd Review

Here is another review from a boater who was convinced to use this anchor instead of other anchor types. The reviewer shared the following remarks:

  • He had some bad experiences with other anchor types where his 25 feet pontoon wandered around after anchoring it. 
  • There were some near accidents and many unfortunate situations that wrecked their days on the water. The reviewer needed a replacement anchor, did his homework and decided to get the box anchor.
  • He said that it didn’t look like an anchor at all but more of a medieval torture device.
  • The Slide Box Anchor didn’t have the design flaws of the other anchors he had been using.
  • He said that he and his group partied like rock stars the first time he tossed the anchor overboard. In other words, by throwing the anchor just like that, the boat stayed calm and secure. It never wandered around, just like what he had experienced with the other anchors.
  • This anchor is about as close to perfect as you can get.

3rd Review

There is one more reviewer who shared some of his comments about this anchor:

  • He ordered the baby one and was surprised that it was heavier than he initially thought.
  • The locking mechanism, he said, looks solid.
  • Overall, the anchor seems to be strongly built.
  • He used it in his pontoon boat, which is 19 feet, and the anchor held fast on his first attempt.
  • The condition of the bottom is muddy, and there are 3 ft. wakes in the area.
  • He didn’t have to constantly reset the anchor, although he had to use some force to pull it up. However, he said continuously resetting the anchor, which he did with his old anchor, is a bigger pain.
  • The reviewer recommends using a 1/2″ high-quality line instead of a 3/8” line to ensure that it won’t be left on the bottom when you pull the anchor up. 

Box Anchor Video Review

To help you visualize the amazing capabilities of this Slide Anchor Box Anchor in securing your boat no matter what the conditions are, here is an interesting video.

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This video demonstrates the power of this anchor as it works underwater. You can see how it can easily set at the bottom, how it can easily adapt to the changes in the wind or current, and how it can hold its load (the boat) firmly and securely at the bottom.

How Box Anchors Compare with Other Types of Anchors

This anchor has many advantages over other anchor designs. Its innovative design gives it more capabilities, which you won’t find in other anchors.

Here are some useful tidbits that I have gathered after reading the comments of experienced boaters from several boating forums:

  • Experienced boaters almost unanimously say that this boat anchor is better than the Danforth anchors. Perhaps this is true with other anchors as well.
  • Many of them say that, on average, the box is heavier, but it provides the easiest and fastest setting time.
  • This unique boat anchor can also adjust itself to the changes in wind and current. Other anchors lack efficiency in this area.
  • It provides superior holding power with all its four flukes deeply embedded on the ground.
  • This anchor breaks down easily and requires minimal storage space.
  • Some boaters use another anchor as their primary anchor. But when they have experienced this uniquely designed anchor, they switched and made it their primary anchor.
  • Most of these boaters find that this special anchor can be used in all kinds of sea bottoms.
slide anchor box anchor review

Quick Facts about Box Anchors of Slide Anchor

Here are 9 Box Anchor facts to help you remember the most important elements of this innovative anchor:

  • Box anchors are available in four sizes (14 lbs., 21 lbs., 26 lbs., and 40 lbs.)
  • The biggest model can be used for boats that reach up to a maximum of 70 feet long.
  • They can set quickly without powering down.
  • These anchors don’t need any chain to work (they only use only the traditional 1/2 in line for the smallest version)
  • They are available in stainless steel, or hot-dip galvanized version.
  • These anchors roll over and quickly reset when the wind or current changes.
  • Has a 2 to 1 scope
  • Gives you more control in the placement of your boat
  • Can be easily retrieved

About Slide Anchor

Slide Anchor is a manufacturer of boat accessories and has been in this business for more than 20 years. Its products are designed to make your time in the water safer and more enjoyable.

The company’s products include Box Anchors, Shore Spikes, Quick Cleats, Danik Hooks, etc. These products are all distributed internationally.

Over the years, Slide Anchor has provided state-of-the-art solutions to the many anchoring needs of recreational boaters and fishers.

The company has revolutionized the way boaters have anchored their boats and how they store them. Their efforts, in this regard, have brought peace and security to boaters around the world.

The company is also committed to making products engineered and designed to protect you and your boat investment. Slide Anchor has done what other companies are trying to do–it takes a common problem and develops an incredible solution.

Conclusion – Box Anchor – Slide Anchor’s Box Anchor Review

To summarize everything, the Box Anchor is produced by Slide Anchor, a company that makes high-quality boat accessories. It is not an ordinary anchor that you know from the past. 

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Slide Anchor has patented the innovative design of this extraordinary anchor. This boat anchor can hold your boat at a 45° angle from the sea bottom with its advanced design.

Its downward-facing flukes can also dig deep into the seafloor without snagging on debris.

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