AmeraTrail Boat Trailers Specs and Review

If you are considering getting a new trailer, AmeraTrail is a good choice. AmeraTrail is a leading name in the industry of boat trailers with over four decades of experience. They are popular due to their quality and custom-built finish. 

AmeraTrail boat trailers are all-aluminum trailers that are sturdy, durable, and versatile. The trailers are packed with stability and resiliency that can withstand pressure, environmental factors, and other external elements. Moreover, the AmeraTrail Boat Trailers are custom-made with excellent craftmanship.

Read on to learn more about the features and specifications of AmeraTrail Boat Trailers, their pros and cons, some tips on how to maintain them, and their life span.

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AmeraTrail Boat Trailers Specs and Features


1. Boat Material

AmeraTrail trailers are made of aluminum that is free from corrosion and rust.

Aluminum is a better match for saltwater. It may be a bit more expensive than galvanized steel, but it is worth the money. Some trailers use galvanized steel, which is not rust-proof and can easily rust or corrode.

2. Lighting

AmeraTrail boat trailers feature all LED lights. These lights include backup lights, a winch stand spotlight, a mid-frame turn signal, clear flush mount lights, and submersible underframe lighting.

3. Exterior and Finish

AmeraTrail boat trailers have a polished and stylish finish since these are primed with epoxy and polyurethane clear coating for protection against damages. These are hand-painted in stripes for an attractive appearance.

4. Boat Bunks

AmeraTrail boat trailer bunks are fixed or adjustable and are made of specially-treated wood. So, they are durable and won’t damage your boat.

5. Boat Brakes

AmeraTrail boat trailers chose to use surge brakes for their safety property, and they can withstand saltwater well; thereby, decreasing the chances of corrosion. 

6. Wheels

The wheels are made of galvanized steel, which is corrosion-resistant. Moreover, they come in different sizes, 8, 10, 12, and 16 inches. 

7. Tires

AmeraTrail boat trailers are equipped with radial tires that reduce the chances of sliding. The interior of the radial tire is made of steel that makes it strong. The radial is best for intensive use or long trips.

Below is a great AmeraTrail boat trailer review that shows its specs and features:

Pros and Cons of AmeraTrail Trailers


1. Non-Corrosive and Non-Rust

The AmeraTrail trailers are commonly made of aluminum to ensure that these are less corrosion-prone. Moreover, the addition of prime and paint over the aluminum protects the boat from harmful environmental factors.

2. Light Trailer Weight 

AmeraTrail boat trailers are lighter than most boat trailers, so they can easily glide over the water. Their movement is smooth and efficient.

3. Sturdy and Stable Built

The AmeraTrail Boat Trailers are built for stability but are flexible like the adjustable bunks. All the frames are made of steel and welded well. Hinges and bolts are fixed snuggly to prevent dislodgement. 

4. Easy to Use

The AmeraTrail boat trailers are built with a lower axle to allow launching in shallow water. Moreover, the boats are provided with trailer guides support to allow easy loading.


1. Poor Customer Service

The general comments and reviews claim that there is a lack of customer attention. Customer support after purchase is not readily available, thus giving clients difficulty in bringing any issue to management. 

2. Weak Fenders 

The fenders cannot manage the weight of a normal-sized person when standing on them. Stepping on the fenders once in a while cannot be avoided. 

Furthermore, an indent in the wood is used to hide the nut, which does not last long. Reportedly, the fenders get loose over time. The carpet-covered plywood inside the fenders and the wooden bunks injure the aluminum fenders.

3. Winch and Bumper Stand Have an Unsuitable Location

The winch and bumper stands are in front of the hinge that puts pressure on the hinge. These could have been placed in a way that does not strain the hinges.

Tips for Maintaining Your AmeraTrail Boat Trailers

AmeraTrail trailers

Maintaining your AmeraTrail boat trailers ensures the long life of the boat and its parts. The cost of maintaining your boat increases with time, but you can slow down the wear and tear of your boat with proper maintenance and care.

In maintaining your AmeraTrail boat trailer, there is routine maintenance that you can do on your own, and there are those that have to be done by professionals and skilled boat maintenance specialists. 

1. Keep Your Tires in Good Condition

Tires should be properly inflated all the time. Maintain your tire pressure between 50 to 65 PSI. The PSI of every tire is found on the tire itself as recommended by the manufacturer. Moreover, the maintenance of the proper pressure to the tire prevents uneven tire wear-off that affects your boat trailer’s performance.

Check the PSI before and after your trip. The PSI has to be maintained at the recommended level.

Keep your boat trailer tires in a safe place by putting plywood underneath it or parking your boat trailer on a cemented portion. Lastly, never leave your tires on the raw ground to avoid damaging the tires.

2. Regularly Check the Boat Trailer 

Schedule a regular check-up of your boat trailer. You should check every part. Make sure safety chains and bunks are in good condition. And that you fitted the couplers to the hitch ball.

Make sure that there are no loose bolts or nuts, cracks, couplers, and corroded fasteners. Ensure that your leaf springs are functioning well all year round. 

Rusted leaf springs can be a source of the boat’s malfunction. Also, ensure that you have properly greased the tongue jack and lock pin.

3. Keep Your Wheel Bearings Lubricated 

Regularly inspect if you have lubricated wheel bearings. When your wheel bearings produce noises or squeaks, or the wheel does not spin freely or when the grease leaks, it is time to repack or replace them.

Grease your wheel bearings, winches, and tow couplings often to prevent corrosion and allow your trailer to run smoothly. Properly lubricate the bearings and winches to prevent the production of excessive heat that could damage your trailer.

4. Inspect the Lights Regularly

Ensure that you have sealed your lighting wiring, connections, and joints to prevent it from getting water into it. When checking your light and lighting, also check the following:

  • Bulbs needing replacements
  • Damaged connectors and wires that you must replace
  • Loose or cracked lenses
  • Dysfunctional fuse

You should replace any damages to these parts.

5. Ensure That Your Trailer Boat Is Secured Correctly

You should double-check that you have secured your boat properly. Moreover, you should also check whether you connected all its electrical parts properly. Find out if your brakes are working and in top condition. If you haven’t anchored the brakes securely, your trailer may accidentally roll down the road.

6. Conduct a Major Service Every Six Months

Your boat should undergo a major service overhaul every 6 months or when it has traveled 6000 miles. You should do it every 3 months or when your trailer has gone 3000 miles for trailers used intensively.

Getting a regular major service ensures that your boat functions at its best and guarantees safer and less worrisome travels using your AmeraTrail boat trailer.

7. Inspect Your Boat Trailer before Every Trip

You should inspect your boat before each trip. During the trip, do some casual inspections, and then after your trip, inspect the boat trailer before parking it.

Here are things you should inspect:

  • The lights are working well.
  • Coupling is not affecting negatively the tow ball.
  • Tire pressures are following the recommendation of the manufacturer.
  • Correct torque of wheel nuts.
  • Breakaway cable or secondary coupling chain is in good condition.
  • Fasteners are working and secured.
  • You placed the load properly.

8. Conduct a Complete Check Up of Your Engine Every Year

Do a complete inspection of your engine once a year. Here are the things you should do:

  • Check your engine oil. Like any other engine, you must replace your engine oil. This is to ensure that you have a lubricated engine. Remove dirt particles deposited in your engine to improve your gas mileage.
  • Change the oil of the lower unit or change the gearcase.
  • Replace damaged spark plugs. When your spark plugs are bad, your engine will not start. Annual replacement ensures that you don’t get to experience being stranded.
  • Check your cooling system. You need to flush your cooling system with a cleaning formula to eliminate the salt that has accumulated. Afterward, flush it with fresh water to remove sand and silt. This step will prevent blockages in the engine.
  • Test for any engine leaks. Check if there are any leaks. The presence of leaks indicates that something is wrong with your engine.

9. Replace Your Water Pump Impeller Every Year

Replace your pump impeller once a year to keep your pump in good condition. You also need to check your canister and the lower plate for damages and change it if needed.

10. Inspect Your Propeller

Check if your propellers are still in good condition. There is no need to replace them if the damages are only minor ones. Damaged propellers will prevent you from maneuvering or increase your speed.

11. Replace Damaged Thermostats

Check if you need to change the thermostat. Normally, you do not have to replace this yearly. You only replace it when the part is no longer working. Note that you cannot repair a thermostat, so replacing it is the only solution.

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Benefits of Regular Checks and Servicing of Your AmeraTrail Boat Trailers

AmeraTrail boat trailers

Letting a professional do regular checks on your AmeraTrail boat trailer has advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Regular checkups prevent brakes and wheel bearings failure.
  2. Your trailer would perform better. And you can prevent major maintenance problems by addressing minor issues early and avoiding costly major repairs later on.
  3. A properly maintained boat trailer consumes lesser crude oil. Proper maintenance ensures the safety of the riders and a longer life for your boat.
  4. Your AmeraTrail boat trailers will have a longer life if you regularly check them.

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What Is the Life Span of AmeraTrail Boat Trailers?

The AmeraTrail boat trailers last up to 10 to 15 years with good upkeep before they should be disposed of.

Two major factors affecting the longevity of boat trailers:


The boat trailers’ life can be less than 10 or higher than 15 years, depending on how you use them. The frequency of use tends to shorten the boat trailers’ life span. The manner of use could increase or decrease its lifespan based on how well you maintain the boat.

If the boat is used to transport goods or materials, then the wear and tear are greater. On frequency, if it is used daily, the tendency to deteriorate is quicker.


You can attribute the life of the boat trailer to the materials used to build it. However, even if it is made of superior material, if it is not maintained well, the boat’s tendency to have a shorter life.

AmeraTrail boat trailers are built with sturdy and durable aluminum. The boat trailers are stable, resilient and they can withstand inclement weather and pressure of other external elements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the AmeraTrail Boat Trailer Be Delivered to My Residence?

Yes, upon completion of the purchase documents, the company will deliver the AmeraTrail boat trailer to your doorstep by a cargo truck free of charge.

What Is the Maximum Speed of the AmeraTrail Boat Trailer?

The AmeraTrail boat trailer’s speed is designed to comply with the speed limits required by the different U.S. states. This means that the boats have adopted the maximum speed allowed. So, AmeraTrail boat trailers have a maximum speed of 75 mph.

Conclusion – The AmeraTrail Trailers Specs and Review

AmeraTrail boat trailers are made of durable aluminum material. This sturdy material makes the boat trailers stable and resilient even under harsh weather conditions and pressure from external forces. 

Aside from being durable, they are custom-made for each client, offering outstanding craftsmanship and design.

The AmeraTrail boat trailer is an excellent addition to your transport vehicles. The boat is not just a good acquisition for recreation but is a good business venture as well. If you often go boating, the boat trailer would be a quicker and easier way to take your boat to your destination. With your AmeraTrail boat trailer, moving your boat comes easy and enjoyable.

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