Amel Super Maramu Specs and Review

100% made in France, Amel sailboats are popular globally for their design and performance. From their exterior to interior, they have a stunning line of yachts. One of their most iconic sailboats is the Amel Super Maramu. 

The Amel Super Maramu is a 52’ 6” sailing yacht first built in 1989 until it was discontinued in 2005, after a production run of 497 hulls. It emphasized comfort and convenience, with built-in features ideal for long-distance sailing.

The most popular version was the Amel Super Maramu 2000, which Cruising World once recognized as the Year’s Best Boat. 

Read on to learn more about the Amel Super Maramu, including its specs and features. 

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About the Amel Super Maramu

Amel Super Maramu

The Amel Super Maramu, created in 1989, is a 52’ 6” sailing yacht. In 2005, its production was discontinued after producing 497 hulls. With its built-in features, it promotes comfort and convenience while traveling long distances.

The Amel Super Maramu 2000 is the most popular version. The Cruising World once recognized this as the Year’s Best Boat. 

The Super Maramu is the culmination of the six different Amels manufactured during the lifetime of Henri Amel. This production boat has features that remain the same from the factory to the ocean. They are built ready to sail, eliminating the need for expensive customization. 

From safety to reliability and comfort to storage space, the Amel Super Maramu excels in many ways. Like all the Amel yachts, it is for bluewater or long-distance cruising. 

Especially in France, the Amel Super Maramu is a cult favorite because of the design and the company’s exceptional customer support. That said, buyers and users of the Super Maramu will enjoy sailing through the waters with her.

Who Is Henri Amel? 

As you learn about the Super Maramu, it is equally important that you know about Henri Amel, the man behind this yacht. Born on April 16, 1913, he was originally Henri Tonet. Even at a young age, he had a fascination for yachts. 

Henri had a small boat-building business in Paris, which he continued in Lyon after being summoned for war. When he fought during the war, he was blinded in one eye, but this did not stop him from building Amel. 

The Humble Beginnings of Amel 

While the Super Maramu is the company’s most popular sailboat, it wasn’t the first. It all started in 1964 when Amel built La Rochelle. During such time, he had roughly 40 employees.

One of these employees was Jacques Carteau, who became the company’s technical director and co-creator of the Maramu. 

Amstel immediately made a name for itself shortly after its establishment. One of the reasons for its initial popularity was the introduction of polyester construction. The company used its own glass fiber, making a strong single-piece structure through stratification. 

Aside from the Super Maramu, other notable boats from Amel were the Super Mistral Sport, Copain, Alisio, Euros 39, and Garbi. 

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Amel Super Maramu Specs and Features 

To have an idea of the real-life performance you can expect from this sailboat, here’s a quick look at some of its technical specifications and most important features:

1. Engine 

The engine on the sailboat needs to have enough power for demanding environments. This sailing yacht comes with one diesel-inboard engine, which delivers a maximum power of up to 100 HP. 

It has an exclusive U-drive engine installation. The engine faces the aft, transmitting the thrusts into joints at the back of its keel. As a result, there is minimal vibration.

2. Fuel Capacity 

On average, a sailboat will use about one to two gallons per hour. This will depend on the engine’s power and the water and wind conditions, among other things. The Super Maramu has a fuel capacity of 158 gallons. 

3. Hull Type 

One of the most important parts of a sailboat is its hull. This is the watertight portion sitting on the top of the water. It keeps the boat buoyant and stable, resulting in a more efficient run and comfortable ride. 

The Super Maramu comes with a monohull. It has excellent lateral stability to prevent the boat from capsizing. This also makes it more affordable compared to a catamaran or other hull designs. 

4. Hull Material 

From durability to maintenance, hull material is an important consideration in the evaluation of a sailing yacht. Steel, aluminum, and polyethylene are some of the most common choices.

This sailing yacht, on the other hand, has a fiberglass hull. It is lightweight, durable, and requires minimal maintenance. 

5. Ballast Material 

The ballast is a crucial component of a sailboat as it resists the hull’s lateral forces. This prevents the boat from capsizing, especially in windy environments. This boat comes with a cast iron ballast, which is popular for being an affordable material. 

6. Keel Type 

The keel is the bottom structural element of a sailboat. It is the boat’s central backbone and responsible for carrying the weight. It often has hydrodynamic features to minimize drag and make the boat smoother in the water. 

This sailboat has a wing keel. It has horizontal hydrofoils, which extend to the central shaft and averts vertical protrusion. It improves stability and handling. This also ensures a constant speed despite the changes in the environment. 

7. Displacement 

Displacement refers to the water weight that a vessel moves when it is in the sea. It indicates how heavy the sailboat is. The Super Maramu has a displacement of 35,274 pounds. 

8. Accommodations 

Amel Super Maramu sailboat

The Amel Super Maramu has two cabins, which comfortably sleeps up to seven people. The cabin interior is made of classic mahogany wood, giving the space a distinct appeal. Its two staterooms have large beds. 

In the yacht’s saloon, you will find a U-shaped dining table. It has an extension, allowing it to accommodate up to ten people. 

9. Galley 

The specific features of the galley may vary from one model to another. The galley includes a fridge, stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. 

10. Top Speed

The top speed of the Amel Super Maramu is 8.62 knots. This is far from being the fastest in its class, but it is pretty decent for long-distance and slow travelers. For reference, the fastest yacht in the world has a top speed of 70.1 knots and has three Rolls Royce engines!

11. Dimensions 

Here are some of the most important dimensions of the Amel Super Maramu: 

  • Length Overall: 52’ 6”
  • Length at Waterline: 41’ 4”
  • Beam: 15’ 1” 
  • Bridge Clearance: 65’ 7” 

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What to Expect from the Amel Super Maramu 

Thinking of purchasing the Amel Super Maramu? Before buying this sailboat, below are some things to expect:

Emphasis on Comfort and Convenience 

The best thing about this sailboat is that it is built to provide its users the highest comfort level. From the cabins to the galleys, it has the luxuries you need when sailing long distances.

It is complete with the necessary heating and cooling systems and a shower, hot water, and stove. It has all the things you will need to live in the ocean for weeks.

Built for Ease of Use 

You don’t need considerable muscular strength to use this sailboat. There’s no need to lift over 50 pounds. This sailboat is user-friendly. You can activate the electric furler with a push of a button, making it easy to control the sails. 

It also has a direct-drive furler, which you can turn through the winch handle. Plus, the anchor washdown will let you operate the power windlass without leaving the cockpit. The bow thruster is also retractable, which makes docking more convenient. 

Notable Safety Features 

A quick look at the technical features and specifications of this sailboat reveals one thing – it delivers exceptional safety. It is a product of years of research and development.

The innovative blister barrier to the hand-laid laminate in the hull has a long list of features that guarantee a safe and sound sailing experience. 

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Pros and Cons of the Amel Super Maramu 

Is the Amel Super Maramu a great sailing yacht? Only you can answer this question. To help you decide, you must know its benefits and drawbacks: 

The Good 

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider the Amel Super Maramu for your next sailboat. 

Easy Care and Maintenance 

It has identical systems that make maintenance a breeze. All the components are accessible in a huge engine room below the cockpit, making it easy to work on them when they need repair.

The company also provides remarkable technical assistance, making it effortless to deal with different issues. 

Beautiful and Elegant Interior

The original interior that comes with this sailboat has an elegant design. The leather interior adds a hint of sophistication to the cabin. 

Minimizes Water Intrusion 

With the innovative design of the cabins, it is easy to keep water out. The water-tight compartments have limber pipes to prevent water intrusion. 

Good Heating and Cooling 

Once you are in the cabins, you will be comfortable regardless of the outside temperature. It comes with three heating and cooling systems. They have individual controls so that you can have different temperatures in different zones. 

Generous Storage Space 

More than being elegant, the interior is also spacious. You will have lots of storage space for the stuff you need to bring sailing. This is an important feature since most people who use this yacht are those who sail long distances. 

All Parts Are Made in France 

From the laminators to the carpenters to the upholsterers, the Amel Super Maramu is 100% French-made. More than 30 tradesmen work as a team to achieve perfection.

Once the yacht is sold, all the owner needs to do is enjoy sailing. There is no need for after-market customization. Although, you are free to do the latter if you want to change anything. 

Excellent Customer Support

Especially if you are from France, where you will find the company headquarters, you will enjoy exceptional customer support. If there is any problem, get in touch with their customer support team, and they will do what it takes to address the issue. 

The Bad 

Let’s also look at some of the potential problems in the Amel Super Maramu. 

Stopped Production 

One of the most obvious drawbacks is that Amel no longer manufactures the Super Maramu. This means that you can no longer get it straight from the maker. Your only option is to buy it from other users or third-party sellers. 

A Bit Slow 

Speed is not the best asset of this sailboat. Nonetheless, this should not be an issue as it wasn’t built to race. It is for long-distance sailors. 

Amel sailboat

Where to Buy the Amel Super Maramu? 

Since the company stopped the Super Maramu in 2005, they also don’t sell it on their site. This means that there is no way to buy it directly from Amel. Your best bet is to buy it from third-party sellers. 

Several websites and owners are selling the Super Maramu. These sailing boats are pre-loved, so do not expect mint condition. Some may have been through several changes already, getting rid of the original components in favor of more advanced parts. 

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How Much Does the Amel Super Maramu Cost? 

It dependsThere is no single answer to this question. This will depend on several factors, such as the boat’s condition, age, and features. 

From Croatia to France, Germany to French Polynesia, Cyprus to Spain, you can buy the Amel Super Maramu in different places. The price ranges from $179,000 to $290,000. 

Is the Amel Super Maramu the Right Yacht for You? 

Only you can answer this question. If you have the budget and find one, this will make a nice yacht. It is built for people who do not want to go through the hassle of customizations since everything has been pre-built by Amel. 

Conclusion – Amel Super Maramu Review and Specs

Amel Super Maramu, created in 1989, is a 52’ 6” sailing yacht. With its built-in features, it promotes comfort and convenience while traveling long distances. However, in 2005, its production was discontinued after producing 497 hulls.

Amel Super Maramu 2000 is the most popular version. In fact, the Cruising World once recognized this as the Year’s Best Boat. 

In sum, the Super Maramu is one of Amel’s most iconic yachts. It has been a favorite among sailing enthusiasts globally because of its comfort and convenience for almost two decades.

Best of all, this 100% made in France yacht comes completely pre-built, down to the smallest detail. 

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